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 Access Services

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Access Services is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1976 that serves 13 counties in eastern Pennsylvania. It is their mission to empower and serve individuals and families in need of support through innovative services that improve their ability to live fulfilling lives in the community. They do this through three distinct services: behavioral health, children and family services, and services focused on those with disabilities and autism. 

 what are we crafting? 

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 project must-knows 

We will be working with different divisions of Access Services at different times of the year. During the winter we helped provide warm winter items for their program for unsheltered individuals. Now they have asked us for help with their program servicing children in foster care. 

1) 2 layer KNIT Warm Winter Hats- This charity has requested hats for a primarily male population in darker colors: Black, Navy Blue, Dark Green, etc.  They also ONLY want hats that are double thickness as many knit hats are too thin or have gaps/holes that do not provide adequate warmth/coverage for the bitter cold an unsheltered person faces living on the streets in winter in PA. Wool/wool blends are great. They are looking for thick, warm hats with good coverage over the ears and no gaps. This is a KNIT ONLY project, no crochet. Please do not use 2 strands of yarn to give you the coverage, please construct a double walled hat. If you have a knitting machine doing the double thick cap with brim is ideal in an adult male size. 

2) Drawstring backpacks- They would like to see what our drawstring backpacks are all about. They request these to be made from Canvas or upholstery fabric, or anything thicker/stronger that would provide a more durable bag. They do not want quilting cotton. Again, these are going to primarily men. 

3) Camo Tarp Tote Bag - They loved our pattern for the totes made from the camo tarp! The tarps are available at most hardware stores like Harbor Freight, Ace Hardware or the local hardware store in your town. This makes for an inexpensive piece of durable, waterproof fabric! Kathy Lawrence has made an outstanding video to put these together, look for it in our pattern section below! You can email her if you have any questions

Must Knows

  suggested patterns 


 Drawstring Backpack 


Adult Drawstring Backpack Sewing Instructions

Project Overview Sheet & PATTERN for ADULT drawstring backpack


Adult Drawstring Backpack Quick Class

Adult Drawstring Backpack Quick Video with Kathy Lawrence


Adult Backpack Fabric & Cord Selection

Short video on how to choose fabric and cording for the adult drawstring backpack


 Camo Tarp Tote Bag 

 Warm Winter Hats 

Thing 3

Recommended & Tested Yarns

Our recommended and tested yarn list from our Fiber Arts Advisory Board


Making a Basic Hat on the Addi King Size

Video Tutorial for basic two layer brimmed hat on the large knitting machine

 shipping guidelines 

Access Services is happy to receive your shipment whenever you are able to send it. The knitted warm winter hats are urgently needed! 

Access Services

Attn: Colleen

4070 Butler Pike, Suite 900

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462-1549

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