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Visiting Nurse Association 


Colorado VNA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit home care, Hospice & Palliative Care, and wellness agency that provides care to the uninsured and to the under insured to the extent of its resources. They invest in innovative programs and health technologies, provide scholarships to their staff so they can advance their education and skills, and offer free- and reduced-cost care to thousands of clients. They provide hospice care wherever patients call home, from skilled nursing and assisted living facilities to family residences.

 what are we crafting? 

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Twiddle Muff
Fiddle Mats

 project must-knows 

We have been asked by the Colorado Visiting Nurse Association to help provide quilts and fiddle Items for their Hospice patients. Their hospice census averages about 10 patients per month. 

1) Quilts: (Sewn Only) 

  • Fabrics for any patient to offer comfort in Hospice. These will be used during care and given to the family to keep after the patient has passed.​

  • A variety of fabrics for all genders and interests are appreciated. Nurses pick out just the right quilt for the right patient. 

  • Approximate Lapghan size is 36x48"; perfect for folks resting in bed or sitting in a chair. All quilts need to be between 36x48 the smallest and 45x60 the biggest.

  • All styles such as Quilts, rag quilts, fleece/flannel/cotton blankets as long as they are special and will make an impact for the family. 

2) Twiddle Muffs: knit/crochet Twiddle muffs are wonderful at providing a comforting sensory experience. Patients will redirect their fidgeting to the muff. items on both the outside and inside keep it fun. 


Creating a mat is part art, part science. Following the motto "First Do No Harm," Crafting Change has developed this project using science-based research to complement our craftivists' creativity.


Why Fiddle Mats?

  • Individuals with Alzheimer's, dementia, or aging often show anxiety or agitation through their hands, fidgeting with clothes, blankets, wounds, or IVs. Fiddle mats provide different textures and activities—such as things to open, push, or slide—to help soothe this fidgeting and restore calm.

Crafting Guidelines:

  • Approved Squares: Use squares from our approved library only.

  • Balance: Ensure your mat has a balance of elements from each category: Functional, Sensory, and Auditory.

  • Color Choices: Read our entire document on color choices to ensure your mat soothes, rather than agitates, the patient.

Must Knows

 approved patterns 




Flip N Sew Lapghan Video Tutorials

Flip n' Sew Lapghan Video Tutorial Playlist containing all 3 videos

Crafting Change Rag Quilt Helpful Files

This file contains several helpful resources created by Crafting Change for making rag quilts!

Rag Quilt Zoom Class

Rag Quilt Zoom Room Class with Crafting Change

Self Binding Blanket

Easy peasy self binding flannel blanket!

How To Bind A Quilt

A great technique for binding blankets or potholders!

Quilt As You Go

This quilt as you go method just needs some strips!

Rag Quilt Supplement

Fabric choices and quilt math included in this Crafting Change supplement.

Easy Sewn Blanket Techniques with Martha Richmond

Video Tutorial with Craftivist Martha Richmond showing a variety of simple techniques to quickly sew up and bind off blankets for charity!

Crafting Change Flip & Sew Lapghan

This lapghan quilts itself as you go!

Rag Quilt Guide

How to make a rag quilt the ultimate guide with step by step pictures.

Rag Quilt DIY Tutorial

Nice guide with options for block sizing.

Machine Binding Your Blanket

How to machine bind a blanket

 fiddles and twiddles

fids and twids

Fiddle Square Library

Our library of squares to put on our Fiddle Mats

Fiddle Mat Instruction & Overview

START HERE! Detailed overview and instructions for making the Fiddle Mat for our charity partner

Twiddle Muffs

This Project Sheet for Twiddle Muffs will give you many links to patterns to help you with this craft!

 shipping guidelines 

Please ship your package to the address below. If you are in Colorado, you may deliver your item to Carol Grape or Martha Richmond and they will deliver it for you. Due to Covid protocols, their office does not allow drop ins and appointments are required for deliveries. 

Colorado VNA

Attention: Mia Pinto

6750 W. 52nd Avenue

Arvada, CO 80002

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