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Cash Donations to Paypal or GoFundMe are used primarily for shipping costs to get supplies to our craftivists or our handmade items to their final destination. These funds may also be used to purchase supplies for our craftivists.

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Amazon Wish List

Our Amazon Wish List is a WONDERFUL way to help our craftivists directly!
Our Amazon Wish List contains Gift Cards that allow YOU to help us purchase our most needed items and send them directly to craftivists across the country as their needs arise. Our Wish List is also full of supplies our craftivists use regularly.
Items purchased directly from our wish list are sent to our HQ where our Executive Director, Tiffany, will distribute to craftivists who have requested help with supplies. Gift cards are used to send supplies from Amazon to Crafitivists directly so more of your donation helps directly and less goes towards shipping! 

We are a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation and Registered Charity.

We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. All donations to us are deductible to the full extent allowed!