Nurses Week Special Project

Riverside Community ER Nurses in Scrub Caps from volunteer MJ!

Download the insert to put with each cap here!

Print on cardstock if available or plain white paper! Then follow the lines on the paper to cut! (see pictures below)

Crafting Change is proud to adopt the nurses of Riverside Community Hospital who bravely continue to serve their community during the pandemic. 

Covid-19 struck their community very hard and these frontline heroes have gone above and beyond! The nurses have worked so hard to care for the patients in all areas of the hospital with care and dignity. Babies were still born, surgeries still happened. The ER staff still treats it all! The Covid Unit, while less full, still carries on.


Let's provide EVERY SINGLE NURSE a new scrub cap to say THANK YOU! Thank you for taking care of their community. Thank you for battling Covid-19 so hard. Thank you for never giving up. 

The theme for nurses week 2021 is A Voice To Lead! And lead they have! They have lead this hospital through some dark days. We know the kindness nurses show every single day. We know the hands they have held, the fears they have alleviated, the tears they have shed. It has been a difficult year for us all, but for the brave nurses of Riverside Community has been a war.

Let's honor them! A beautiful, meaningful scrub cap for every head! 




UPDATE! Fully Pledged! 


  • We are sewing Unisex Scrub Caps and Long Hair Scrub Caps. 

  • Preferred patterns is the Unisex Cap in the Crafting Change Community Facebook Group Files section as it fits most universally.

  • Any long haired pattern is acceptabe: We have 2 suggested patterns. The Sew Very Easy Scrub Cap and The Million Mask Challenge Long Hair Cap. However, any long hair cap is fine. 

  • All caps need to be 100% cotton woven. (Blend bias tape is ok).

  • We are sewing caps in FOUR CATEGORIES. You will sign up for the number you want to make for each category. We want to have caps for EVERYONE. Remember humans come in all sexual orientations and gender identities and we want fabrics to be inclusive for everyone. So we are asking for fabrics to cover a wide range of interests and likes. Popular fabrics for EVERYONE are medical themed and superhero. This hospital is in Southern California so Licensed Team fabrics for Sports Teams from the area would be popular!

  1. Unisex Caps in Unisex Fabric,

  2. Unisex Caps in Feminine Fabric,

  3. Unisex Caps in Masculine Fabric. 

  4. Long Hair Scrub Caps in Any Fabric.

***Sign up for the number of caps you CAN deliver on time. Don't pledge too many. We are a team of sewists working together! If you sign up for 50 and in a week have sewn that many and we still need more, great, sign up for more! (That is preferred to you signing up for 100 and then realizing on 4/19 you only made 50!)***

All caps need to be bagged individually and include a special Nurses Week Insert. They will be mailed to Crafting Change Headquarters and organized and bagged then shipped TOGETHER to the hospital. The hospital can not take these caps directly for NURSES WEEK! 

Tally for NURSES WEEK SPECIAL PROJECT at when you mail the caps. 

Questions? Email

If you are unable to bag individually or print the insert, that is OK! WE can do it for you here, please send us your caps at least 3 days EARLY so we have time to do it for you!