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 Care Corps Vegas   (Vegas Maskateers) 


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Care Corps Vegas was started by Amanda Richey, a registered nurse with a masters in healthcare administration. Last year she started the group Vegas Masketeers which gave out over 15,000 FREE masks to those in need in Las Vegas! Now she is well underway starting a new nonprofit, Care Corps Vegas which will provide necessary supplies and medical care to the homeless of Las Vegas. 


Amanda isn't waiting for her official 501(c)3 to get going.  She already has many volunteer medical professionals including EMTs, nurses, nurse practitioners and even doctors on board helping out. Here is what they are up to:

  •  Volunteering their medical skills to those living in the tunnels underneath the Las Vegas strip. They are escorted by the nonprofit Holy Smoke - Misfit Missionaries. In the tunnels they have been helping in multiple ways: They offer medical advice, help with medications and medication management for chronic conditions, wound care,  they advocate for anyone wanting or needing to be seen by a medical provider/specialist, and they also help advise people interested in drug or alcohol treatment, getting jobs and obtaining housing. 

  • About once a week Amanda goes to a location near G St and W McWilliams handing out various supplies and basic Over-The-Counter medications with The Compassion Initiative LV.

  • A group of volunteer medical professionals provide a pop-up wellness clinic at CARE Complex one weekend per month.

Vegas Maskateers: Amanda is the Founder of Vegas Maskateers and that program continues to go strong, but she has lost most of her sewists. Together they sewed over 15,000 masks. They have developed a program working with the Homeless where they provide multiple opportunities throughout the week and month for the Homeless to exchange their masks for clean ones. Through this they have given out somewhere over 7,000 masks directly to the homeless. We will be helping Vegas Maskateers continue to mask the homeless in Las Vegas.  

 what are we crafting? 

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Must Knows

 project must-knows 

1) Pandemic Relief: Masks

UPDATED 1/22/21

  • 3 layer Masks made with high quality quilting cotton and an inner 3rd layer of polypropylene like Olyfun, Smartfab or Sailrite. Please do not use a 3rd layer of cotton for this location as it will be too hot come the summer months. 2 layer masks with filter pockets are okay as long as you put a filter in the pocket BEFORE you send. We love the Double Thick Smartfab that comes on rolls. (We have ordered from Dick Blick Art supplies.)

  • Nose wire preferred unless you make the 3d style mask

  • Masks are primarily for Adult Men and larger sizes are requested, however they do need masks for females and have recently run out of children's masks to distribute and have asked for kids masks for ages 5-16 for all genders.

  • Adjustable ear loops are preferred as it makes the masks fit anyone,, this is not required.

  • Fabric: Star Wars, Avengers have been popular in past give aways so be creative! There is no restriction on the fabric you use. 

  • This location greatly appreciates it if you individually package your masks and label them by size. This is NOT a requirement however. As they distribute all of their masks on the streets, packaging them individually allows persons to sort through and find just the right mask for them without contaminating the others. If we package them it saves our charity partner time from having to do this and the masks can get distributed faster! 

After speaking with Amanda on 1/22/

2) Soap Sacks - We are collecting knit and crochet soap sacks for them to distribute.


Cosmetic Bags - A zippered cosmetic bag is used by Care Corps Vegas to put feminine hygiene products in. At this time we are not crafting these items, however, If you have clean/new IPSY bags, feel free to send them as they will be accepted! 

Cooling Scarves - This is a SUMMER ONLY PROJECT! We are creating cooling scarves for the homeless that they serve March-October. So if you have the supplies, feel free to make them to save for our collection period during late spring and summer. Do not send now, they do not have storage to collect them. However we leave the pattern up year round for those that like to plan ahead. 


 suggested patterns 




Crafting Change Face Mask FAQ

Our FAQ on mask making!


We Can Sew It (Rosie)

The original "We Can Sew It" aka Rosie pattern. Can be easily modified to add elastic on the sides by using a bias tape strip instead of ties! Adult size only.


Craft Passion

This contoured mask has multiple sizes great for kids.


SSOL Video Tutorial

Video companion for the Sewing Seeds of Love pattern


Japanese Sewing Book 3D

Easy 3D (origami) style mask (no nose wire required)! Pattern & Video!


Deaconess Video Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to add a filter pocket to the Deaconess!


Sewing Seeds of Love

This is a popular and easy to sew kids mask.


Craft Passion Video Tutorial

Video companion for the Craft Passion mask



Pleated mask great for kids


 soap sacks 


Ukraine Soap Sack Tag

The special tag for soap sacks going to Ukraine!


Soap Sack Video Tutorial

Crochet a soap sack with Melanie Shovelski


Granny Square Soap Sack

Granny Square Pattern designed by Melanie Shovelski


Soap Sack Tags

A link to S.A.C.K. website for their tags to attach to your Soap Sacks!

All Fiber Arts

Crafting Change Recommended & Tested Yarn List

Recommended & Tested Yarn List for all crafting change partner projects


Splish Splash Soap Sack

This mermaid themed sack designed by Melanie Shovelski is easy and fun!


Knit Soap Sacks

A folder full of different knit soap sack patterns


Soap Sack Resources

Resources from S.A.C.K. including many crochet and knit patterns.


Major Stitches Soap Sack

Lovely military themed sack designed by Melanie Shovelski


Sewn Soap Sack

Sewn Terry Cloth soap sack ideal for those able to d


 cooling scarf 


Cooling Scarf Project Overview & Pattern

This simple pattern for


Cooling Scarf Video Tutorial

A video tutorial companion to show construction of scarf


 shipping guidelines 

Donations are accepted on an ongoing basis. Masks are urgent. Please ship as quickly as possible. 

Amanda Richey

c/o Care Corps Vegas

6332 Casada Way Unit D

Las Vegas NV 89107

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