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 Hopa Mountain 

We will begin sending hats again 9/1/23


Supporting the coordination of local response efforts in rural and tribal communities across the Northern Rockies and the Great Plains, Hopa Mountain is a 501(c)3 organization doing great work. They invest in rural and tribal citizen leaders working primarily in the areas of early childhood education, informal science education, service-learning, ecological and human health, and non profit development. They have been integral in the pandemic relief efforts for the Tribes in the entire region. 

 what are we crafting? 

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Warm Winter Hats

 project must-knows 

1. WINTER HATS: Winter in the Northern Rocky Mountains is LONG. We are working with Hopa Mountain to get them a large supply of winter hats for the Elementary aged children they serve. While this age group is our primary focus, the request is for all sizes of hats infant through adult. They are looking for "generational" hats that will last. By generational we mean super high quality hats that are made with great quality yarn, have been made with great technique and have used a pattern. We have knit, crochet and sewn patterns.
Our requirements are:
  • Are they functional and do they keep a person warm?

  • Are they crafted with a pattern and high quality, did you use good technique, would you wear it or give it as a gift to your Mom or best friend? 

  • Are they durable and washable?

  • Are they safe and free of embellishments that choking hazards for children?

  • Are they made with one of our tested and recommended yarns?

You may use any crochet or knit pattern for this project (please peek at our suggested patterns to get an idea of what Hopa Mountain has asked for). Looking at our suggested patterns prior to starting this project will give you a good idea of what we are looking for before you begin making your first hat.  Keep in mind that we are looking for functional, warm winter hats, not decorative hats. These need to be a tight weave without holes. But not so tight that the hat is a bowl or helmet.  It is very cold in the Northern Rockies, so this is very important.  These need to cover the ears of the person wearing them.


Our Advisory Board is continuously testing yarn by using it and washing/drying it at least 5 times to see how it holds up.  Please review our Recommended & Tested Yarn List. Our Advisory Board extensively tests yarns for both how they work up and how well they wash and dry. The yarns on this list have been washed and dried 5 times and after washing look great and hold their shape well.  We do not allow Red Heart Super Saver yarns but many other readily available yarns are affordable, please check our Recommended & Tested Yarn List to see which types have passed our rigorous testing and which types our charity partners allow.  As a reminder, using yarn that is more than 5 years old, yarn without a label where you do not know where it came from is ill advised. Yarn technology has changed a lot in the last few years.  If you are in doubt about your pattern or your yarn, please send your questions to our Advisory Board Member Robyn Peters


We also have a few sewn patterns for polar fleece hats. We ask that you buy high quality fleece that does not pill. Due to the harsh winters, we are asking you use only 2 layer hats to keep the children warm, no single layers please, Questions about sewing hats for Hopa? Contact Kathy at 

Must Knows

 suggested patterns 


 recommended and tested yarn list 


Recommended & Tested Yarns

Crafting Change recommended and tested yarn list sorted by project type.


 warm winter hats 


Making Balaclavas for Ukraine

Super warm winter item that fully covers the head!


Basic Beginner Hats for the Family

Basic hat in 6 sizes!


Beginner Basic Hat

A basically basic hat available in 6 sizes!


Traditional Ear Flap Hat

An easy ear flap hat


Fleece 2 Layer Hat

Simple 2 layer fleece hat that is reversible for all ages.

Knitting Machine

Make a 2 Layer Hat on the Addi

2 layer hat with a brim on the Addi Knitting Machine.


Striped Band Earflap Hat

Cute crochet children's hat with a stripe and earflaps


Slouchy Beanie

Easy slouchy beanie for kids


Fleece Hat With Earflaps

Written pattern and YouTube tutorial for a fun fleece hat with earflaps.


Basic Crochet Hat

This simple crochet pattern is sure to please any person that receives it!


Caron Slouchy Beanie

A slouch beanie is fun and oh so comfortable! Teens love its casual style to stay warm on cold winter days.


Easy Fleece Hat Video Tutorial

Video tutorial for Easy Fleece hat pattern


Fleece Hat with Flaps

Fleece Hat with Flaps pattern


Ribbed Beanie Hat by Melody Crochet

Video Tutorial How to crochet a beanie with a ribbed brim


Nice & Knit Beanie

Stylish, easy beanie


How To Knit A Hat For Beginners

Great Video Tutorial for beginners!


I Stand With Ukraine Beanie

Lovely knit hat


Easiest Crochet Hat Ever

Easy unisex for all sizes. This is our preferred crochet hat. It has good stretch, is warm and versatile.


Easy Child's Hat

Easy child's crochet hat


Simple Crochet Hat

Easy crochet hat for kids with a pompom


Seamless Earflap Hat

This pattern comes in all sizes Newborn-Adults!


The CC Beanie

This popular beanie is trendy, warm and easy to knit.


Caron Beginner Beanie

This basic beginner beanie is fast and easy for any crocheter!


Chunky Crochet Beanie

This easy, chunky hat will keep teens toasty this winter!


Easy Fleece Hat Pattern

Easy sewn fleece hat pattern


Balaclava Kids Hat

Great super warm hat that covers the entire face! Video Tutorial in link too!


Basic Hat with a Brim

Basic Hat in the round with a brim.


How I Knit The CC Beanie

Great version of the classic CC beanie


Garter Ear Flap Hat

For the adventurous knitter ready to take on a challenge, look at this ear flap pattern in 5 sizes!


Easiest Knit Hat Ever

Easy knit unisex hat for any size. Our #1 preferred hat style. Also visit the You Tube Tutorial here


Sunflower Hat

Beautiful knit hat in the colors of Ukraine with their national flower


Basic Hat with Earflap Option

Children's hat with optional earflap!


Silas's Snow Day Hat

Cute ear flap hat for children


Fleece Hat

This easy fleece hat takes just minutes!


Skyping All Purpose Beanie

This gender neutral option can be made in a variety of sizes.


Classic Ribbed Beanie

This easy pattern for beginners is a classic ribbed beanie for everyone!


Give It A Whirl Beanie

The swirling ridges of this hat will take you just a few hours to complete!


Fleece Hat with Flaps Video

Video Tutorial for the fleece hat with flap pattern


 shipping guidelines 

Ship items whenever you are ready to send them. We will be ending our winter hat collection on May 31st and starting it again September 1st. 


They are not on Give Back Box, but we advise checking rates on Pirate Ship to get the best shipping prices when sending packages. 

Hopa Mountain
234 E. B
abcock St., Suite E
Bozeman, MT 59715

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