Sew Face Masks   Philadelphia  


Sew Face Masks Philadelphia is a Philadelphia Area (including South Jersey) grassroots community organization, established mid March 2020 as a mutual aid effort, directly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They provide free homemade reusable face masks to anyone who requests them, as well as proactively target harder-hit zip codes.  They support essential workers, health care providers, volunteer groups, community organizations, city agencies, non profits, supported living, schools and child care facilities, senior living, faith based groups, and families in need.  

Their focus right now is Title I Schools.

 what are we crafting? 

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 project must-knows 

Sew Face Masks Philadelphia has requested our help in providing children's masks for Title I schools in their local area. They need to provide reusable face masks for children who are unable to receive the vaccine. Their current requests are outpacing their local sewists ability to meet those needs. 

1. Children's MASKS - Any pattern accepted as long as it meets the following guidelines (please see our list of suggested patterns for our favorite patterns for children):
  • They are collecting for Ages 3-12 years old
  • 2 layer with filter pocket or 3 layer (3rd layer can be cotton or non-woven polypropylene)
  • Nose wire suggested for children ages 9 and up unless you use a pattern with nose dart like the SSOL or the 3D pattern. Nose wires should be removable. 
  • Adjustable ear loops are preferred so your mask will fit anyone that it is given to, but this is not required. 
If you have questions about mask making, we encourage you to join our Facebook Group The Crafting Change Community and come to a zoom room! Or feel free to email Tiffany at or Kathy at for advice on mask making. 


 suggested patterns 




Crafting Change Face Mask FAQ

Our FAQ on mask making!


Japanese Sewing Book 3D

Easy 3D (origami) style mask (no nose wire required)! Pattern & Video!


Deaconess Video Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to add a filter pocket to the Deaconess!


SSOL Video Tutorial

Video companion for the Sewing Seeds of Love pattern


Craft Passion Video Tutorial

Video companion for the Craft Passion mask



Pleated mask great for kids


Sewing Seeds of Love

This is a popular and easy to sew kids mask.


Craft Passion

This contoured mask has multiple sizes great for kids.

 shipping guidelines 

Please ship masks to the Founder of Sew Face Masks Philadelphia and he will distribute them directly to the schools that have put in a request with their organization. 

Sew Face Masks Philadelphia

c/o Eugene Desyatnik

766 S 8th St

Philadelphia, PA 19147