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   Safe Crafting and Healthy Giving  
  Smoke-Free Crafting Environment Policy  

We care about the health of everyone involved in Crafting Change! This policy ensures all donated items are crafted in a completely smoke-free environment, free from:

  • Cigarette smoke

  • Cigar smoke

  • Pipe smoke

  • All forms of vaping

  • This includes homes where smokers do so "outside only"

Why Smoke-Free?  

We protect vulnerable recipients like cancer patients, NICU babies, and children. Secondhand smoke, vapor, and even lingering residue (third-hand smoke) can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and even cancer.

Third-Hand Smoke: The Hidden Threat

Even if smoking of any kind happens outside, residue can settle on clothes, hair, furniture, and linger for weeks. This invisible residue, called third-hand smoke, contains harmful chemicals that can't be easily washed out with laundry or airing out a space. It can re-emit into the air or be absorbed through the skin.


Unintentional mistakes happen, but unfortunately, we cannot accept items crafted in a smoking environment.

Still Want to Help?

Your passion is valuable! We offer alternative ways to contribute:

  • Fundraising Events: Join us for exciting events throughout the year! We'll keep you updated on upcoming opportunities.

  • Social Media & Community Outreach: Help spread the word about Crafting Change on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

  • Email Campaigns: Contribute your writing skills by helping us craft compelling email messages to our supporters.

Let's Make a Difference Together!

Regardless of your home environment, we encourage everyone to volunteer. We'll find a way for you to contribute and make a positive impact!


For more information:

We understand that quitting smoking can be challenging for you or your household members. Here are some resources to help:

  • National Cancer Institute Smoking Quitline

  • How to Quit Smoking [link removed as requested]

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