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Current Mask Needs

Crafting Change has received multiple requests from several organizations. These are vetted requests that have been verified as of 8/15 as still having a need.

1. Hopa Mountain- Rural Tribal communities of the Northern Rockies has requested 5000 children's masks.

  • ages 5-12 in any pattern.

  • 2 layers of cotton with a filter pocket OR 3 layers (the 3rd layer can be cotton or non-woven polypropylene).

  • We recommend removable nose wires for anyone over 8.

  • These masks can be elastic ear loops or have t-shirt ties for older kids in the SWO pattern found in the files section of our Facebook Group.

2. Mental Health Resource Center has requested 1000 Adult masks for their inpatient psychiatric facility.

  • Any pattern okay

  • elastic only and have NO nose wire: (these requirements are for the safety of the patients.)

  • 3 layer masks (either 3 layers of cotton or a 3rd layer of non-woven polypropylene). They will accept masks with filter pockets, however, with the patient population they deal with it is very hard to monitor the use of filters and with their close quarters and the changing virus, a 3 layer mask will offer them better protection. 

3. The Farmworker Association of Florida has requested 500 Adult and 500 children masks for school aged children 5-12 years old.

  • Any pattern okay

  • 2 layers with a filter pocket or 3 layers. The 3rd layer can be cotton or non-woven polypropylene

  • We recommend removable nose wires for everyone over the age of 8.

  • Elastic ear loops preferred. We suggest using silicone adjusters on your elastic ear loops. This makes your mask fit more people AND it makes it fit snugger making the mask fit better and have a better seal providing better protection. 

4. Care Corps Vegas (Vegas Maskateers) has requested 1000 Adult masks for homeless persons living in Las Vegas. 

  • 2 layer only

  • Larger sizes needed, they primarily distribute to Men

  • Removable nose wires needed unless you make the 3D mask

  • Adjustable ear loops strongly preffered, though regular elastic okay.

  • Fabric suggestions included Star Wars and Avengers, other Super Heroes. 

Full Details about these locations as well as shipping address can be found by clicking on the More Info buttons for each location. 

   mask patterns  


SWO Child Mask Pattern Templates

Pattern templates in 4 sizes x-small (2-5 years old) to large (12-15 years old) for this popular and easy to sew mask by our friend Cathie Foard from Sewing For Native Peoples.


We Can Sew It (Rosie)

The original "We Can Sew It" aka Rosie pattern. Can be easily modified to add elastic on the sides by using a bias tape strip instead of ties! Adult size only.


SSOL Video Tutorial

Video companion for the Sewing Seeds of Love pattern


Craft Passion

This contoured mask has multiple sizes great for kids.


SWO Child Mask Written Instructions

Written instructions for the SWO child mask by Cathie Foard. Especially loved by our Tribal partners.


Japanese Sewing Book 3D

Easy 3D (origami) style mask (no nose wire required)! Pattern & Video!


Deaconess Video Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to add a filter pocket to the Deaconess!


Sewing Seeds of Love

This is a popular and easy to sew kids mask.


Crafting Change Face Mask FAQ

Our FAQ on mask making!


Craft Passion Video Tutorial

Video companion for the Craft Passion mask



Pleated mask great for kids