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 Sewing For   Native Nations  



Sewing for Native Nations is a group of diverse people from around the world,  sewing to preserve a Culture for generations to come.  The amazing group of men and women who are part of Sewing For Native Nations are working diligently to sew mask after mask that we donate to the FIRST NATIONS of this country.  Although the need is great, the heart of humanity is greater and we will conquer this. We are doing this, and we are doing it together: one mask at a time.

 what are we crafting? 

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 project must-knows 

We are working with Sewing For Native Nations to assist in their on going needs for pandemic relief for frontline workers. As they continue to sew masks, Crafting Change has agreed to help with their need for 5,000 scrub caps. We encourage our volunteers working on this project to join their Facebook group.

Since you don't know who the end user of your caps will be, it is ideal if both your cap and your fabric are unisex. Our favorite unisex pattern is the Unisex Scrub Cap Pattern by Tiffany Herbert. This tried and tested pattern has been used by nurses and doctors of all genders throughout the pandemic. It fits just about any head, any gender and holds large quantities of hair from short to medium/long. So your caps will truly be unisex, we encourage you to use gender neutral fabrics as much as possible.


Medical Personnel will be all genders and from past experience dealing with medical facilities  during the pandemic, SUPERHERO and MEDICAL THEMED fabric is very popular. 

Sewing Techniques -

  • PDF Patterns- Please ensure your pattern has printed the correct size. Many .pdf patterns have a square you can check to see if it is 1 inch in size after you have printed it. Check it. 

  • Please ensure you make your caps using proper sewing techniques: all exposed  seams must be properly finished with either a serger, a zigzag or a finishing seam of some sort. Please do not do a french seam unless you have a tremendous amount of experience modifying a pattern to add the extra allowance you need to do that. We have received many caps way to small because this was done.

  • Please do not add any embellishments like Rick-Rack to the top of these caps, scrub caps are a medical device, not a costume. No embellishments of any kind should be added.

  • Please use only high quality 100% Cotton Woven Quilters Weight fabric or a high quality cotton/poly blend. Occasionally we have had special requests for flannel. This is not one of those occasions. The key part of THIS request is that the caps be absorbent for sweat. Please do not use fabric with metallic elements or glitter. 

  • Please follow the guidelines on this document provided by Sewing For Native Nations on cultural sensitivity on designs to avoid. 

The favorite pattern is the Unisex Scrub Cap pattern as it can hold a tremendous amount of hair due to the pleat in the back. It fits all genders and sizes of people and those with no hair and those with a lot hair. It can be made single layer or reversible (double layer). 

Single Layer       Reversible Double Layer

Do you want a 3D Template for this pattern? Get one here.



Must Knows

 approved patterns 


 scrub caps 


Cultural Sensitivity Document by SFNN

Informational Document on choosing fabric for SFNN projects


Reversible Scrub Cap Video Tutorial

The unisex scrub cap by Tiffany Herbert can be made 2 layers and reversible; Video Tutorial


Bouffant Surgical Cap by Doodabug

Bouffant Cap with Video Tutorial and PDF pattern

Care Slip

Sewing For Native Nations Packing Slip

A care slip for donations if you are a member of SFNN.


Unisex Scrub Cap Single Layer

Single Layer Unisex Scrub Cap by Tiffany Herbert Video Tutorial


Sew Very Easy Scrub Cap

Sew Very Easy Long Hair Scrub Cap Video


Easiest Bouffant Scrub Cap for Long Hair by Meghan Grace DIY

Video Tutorial on how to make a bouffant style scrub cap with elastic backing, perfect to cover longer hair!


Ponytail Scrub Cap by Million Mask Challenge Zoom Video

Watch a Zoom Video Demo by Million Mask Challenge leaders of their ponytail scrub cap!


Unisex Scrub Cap by Tiffany Herbert PDF Template

This unisex scrub cap is easy to sew and designed for doctors and nurses! This link is for the PDF template and written directions for the single layer.


Q&A Sew Very Easy Scrub Cap

Sew Very Easy Scrub Cap Video Q&A


Easy Ponytail Scrub Cap

The easiest ponytail scrub cap ever!


Ponytail Scrub Cap by Million Mask Challenge

Long hair pony tail scrub cap developed by The Million Mask Challenge DC/VA/MD group!

There are two options for this request when you have COMPLETED sewing your scrub caps.


1. Sewing For Native Nations does not publish the addresses for the locations in need of caps. When you are done sewing your scrub caps, request an address from them using this form:  Form #2 Address Request From SFNN  After you ship to the address provided to you, fill out this form: Form #3 Shipping Verification




Crafting Change HQ                     

PO BOX 41631                                     

Eugene, OR 97404 



Crafting Change HQ

255 River Avenue #41631

Eugene, OR 97404           


If your box will cost you more than $20 to ship, CCHQ is partnered with Give Back Box to get you a $20 UPS label from Give Back Box and ship up to 50 pounds and 108" in girth to CCHQ here.

Due to a computer glitch, they send out the same label with the same tracking number to every person and you can't use it. After you receive your label, please immediately email Monika at and ask for a "fresh" label with an unused tracking number. You will get a new label in 1-2 days. This is the label you should use. 




 shipping guidelines 

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