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 Crafting Change   for Ukraine 


Crafting Change was born out of the pandemic, we know how to step up during a crisis. Our mission will always be to match makers to projects with purpose, helping those in need. Right now women and children are fleeing war torn Ukraine. We have the opportunity to assist at the border of Ukraine and Poland by providing those refugees with essential items they did not arrive with. Crafting Change is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible. 

If you sew, knit or crochet, please keep reading as we have many items we can make to send to our partner on the ground at the border of Ukraine and Poland. We will be collecting an unlimited quantity until we are told our help is no longer needed. 

If you don't craft, we have an Amazon Wish List set up just for Ukraine and you can send purchased items to us that we will ship with our other items for you! Visit our Crafting Change For Ukraine Wish List Here.

 our Ukraine impact 

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Quantity Received
Aid For the Fighters (Emergency Blankets, Flint, etc.)
Humanitarian Aid (soap, soap sacks)
Warm Winter Hats & Mittens
Tiny Hearts

 what are we crafting? 

Item Requested
Craft Type
Soap Sacks

 project must-knows 




Crafting Change is partnering with an organization on the ground at the Ukraine/Poland border working directly with the refugees fleeing war torn Ukraine. They have requested help providing warm items for the women and children who are arriving with literally nothing more than the clothes on their back after days of walking. They are serving women of all ages and children from infants to teens. Men are turned back at the border and required to stay and fight.

Items must be brand new and have a tag. Handmade items are welcome. You can print out our tag and attach at home or we will attach it once it arrives at our HQ prior to shipping to Poland. 

This is a dynamic situation. Items will be shipped to Poland on a rolling basis, however this project may end abruptly as circumstances on the ground warrant. You don't see quantities listed above because there are 10 million displaced people in Ukraine and over 3 million refugees. However many we collect will be used. 

Start Here: The Crafting Change Project Overview Sheet has tons of information you need for this project. 

1) Warm Winter Hats and Mittens (NOT COLLECTING AT THIS TIME)

  • Hats and gloves sewn from fleece can be 1 or 2 layers.

  • Hats made on Addi knitting machines need to be 2 layers.

  • We have a strong preference that your knit and crochet hats are done with ribbing that offers stretch to fit many sizes of heads. We have two of our favorite patterns listed below and encourage you to consider working with these 2 quick and easy patterns! 

  • Please use a pattern. Please don't freestyle this. We must know a size. Please work from a known pattern with measurements. 

  • Please stay away from “craft” yarns and use high quality yarns that are washable. Washable wools are a great option for this climate. 

  • Any machine washable yarn from your stash is acceptable as long as it was purchased in the last 5 years. Please do not use yarns from your stash older than 5 years as they may not be up to the current health and safety standards.

  • When buying fleece, please choose medium weight/anti-pill fleece. 

  • Any colors of yarn/fabric are acceptable including variegated yarns and patterned fabric. Please be thoughtful as to who you are crafting for and the situation they are in when choosing colors.

  • We are NOT collecting any other winter items like scarves, etc. Please only send hats and mittens.

  • Check out our YouTube Warm Winter  Items Playlist for tutorials for every craft type!

2) Tags & Tiny Hearts (NOT NEEDED AT THIS TIME)

We will be attaching a tag and tiny heart to every item before it is boxed and shipped to Poland. You can attach these to your items at home by printing them out here.  You can attach the tags with the yarn tail of your tiny heart to your knit/crochet hats and with embroidery floss to your sewn items.

If you don't crochet, you can just ship your tags to us and we will attach your tags with a tiny heart her at HQ! No sense you taking the time to attach your tags by hand when we are also going to need to attach a heart! 

We do not need any more supplies of just hearts sent to HQ, but sending hearts with your own items is helpful. 

3) Soap Sacks, please attach the Ukrainian Soap Sack Tag! 

We are also collecting hygiene items and we will be sending soap and soap sacks.   

  • These can be knit, crochet or sewn out of terry. Knit and crochet are preferred. 

  • Donations of soap are also accepted but not required with your sacks. We have soap on our Amazon Wish List too!

  • Please attach the Ukraine soap sack tag, if you are not able to do this at home, we will attach it at HQ.

  • Attaching a tiny heart is a nice touch, but not required. 


 preferred patterns and 
  helpful links 


  warm winter hats 


Crafting Change For Ukraine Project Overview Sheet

Our project overview sheet is where to start for any of our partner charities. It includes all information, links and important information for this project.

Knitting Machine

Make a 2 Layer Hat on the Addi

2 layer hat with a brim on the Addi Knitting Machine.


Sunflower Hat

Beautiful knit hat in the colors of Ukraine with their national flower


Fleece Earflap Hat

Easy Fleece Earflap Hat. Click in the comments section of video for the .pdf pattern pieces.


Tags For Ukraine Donations

All donations must have this tag attached. We will use a pricing gun at Crafting Change HQ or you can help by attaching it at home with yarn or thread.


Basic Beginner Hat for the Family

A basic hat in 6 sizes!


I Stand With Ukraine Beanie

Lovely knit hat


Fleece 2 Layer Hat

Simple 2 layer fleece hat that is reversible for all ages.


Easiest Crochet Hat Ever

Easy unisex for all sizes. This is our preferred crochet hat. It has good stretch, is warm and versatile.


Fleece Hats with Ear Flaps

Easy fleece hat with earflaps for all ages child to adult!

Knitting Machine

Addi Hat Sizing Guide

A guide to knitting hats on your Addi Machine


Fleece Fun Beanie All Sizes

Easy single OR double layer fleece hat. Pattern available in comment section of video.

  warm winter mittens  


Crafting Change for Ukraine Project Overview Sheet

Our project overview sheet is where you should start before crafting for any of our partner charities. It has all the important information and helpful links. Start here!


Fleece Mittens

Super Easy 1 Layer Fleece Mittens for kids/teens in 3 sizes


Adult Fleece Mittens

Easy adult mittens in 3 sizes


Tags for Ukraine Donations

All donations must have this tag attached. We will use a pricing gun at Crafting Change HQ or you can help by attaching it at home with yarn or thread.


Hands Full Crochet Mittens

Beginner easy crochet pattern


Fleece 2 Layer Mittens

Nice, thick and warm, easy to sew.


The World's Simplest Mittens

Quick and easy mittens to knit up! Beginner friendly.

  soap sacks  


Soap Sack Video Tutorial

Crochet a soap sack with Melanie Shovelski


Granny Square Soap Sack

Granny Square Pattern designed by Melanie Shovelski


Knit Soap Sacks

A folder full of different knit soap sack patterns


Soap Sack Tags

A link to S.A.C.K. website for their tags to attach to your Soap Sacks!

All Fiber Arts

Crafting Change Recommended & Tested Yarn List

Recommended & Tested Yarn List for all crafting change partner projects


Major Stitches Soap Sack

Lovely military themed sack designed by Melanie Shovelski


Soap Sack Resources

Resources from S.A.C.K. including many crochet and knit patterns.


Ukraine Soap Sack Tag

The special tag for soap sacks going to Ukraine!


Splish Splash Soap Sack

This mermaid themed sack designed by Melanie Shovelski is easy and fun!


Sewn Soap Sack

Sewn Terry Cloth soap sack ideal for those able to d

 shipping guidelines 

This is an urgent request, please ship your items as soon as you have them completed.

Crafting Change for Ukraine

367 Lynnbrook Drive

Eugene, OR 97404

Get a $15 UPS label from Give Back Box and ship up to 50 pounds and 108" in girth to Crafting Change by clicking on our link here. We have had some issues with them reissuing the same tracking number, please ensure your label has a unique tracking number by running it through tracking system to see if it has already been used. If it has been, please email them at and ask for a new label that has not been used. They have been great about emailing a new one pretty quickly.