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 Crafting Change   for Ukraine 


January 17, 2023
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Crafting Change is once again teaming up with our partner Global Empowerment Mission to help Ukraine. This time we are helping reach those Ukrainian citizens in multiple cities that are desperately in need of resources for a long winter, many without power. 


Last year Crafting Change craftivists and supporters helped provide nearly 10,000 items for refugees and the fighters. We provided thousands of warm winter items and essential supplies. We are confident we can rally again to help! We have set what we hope is an attainable goal! 


We have been provided a list of items that they would like us to collect for an upcoming shipment.


All items must be received at Crafting Change Headquarters by January 17th so we may ensure they are properly packed,  labelled and get to FL for the cargo container on time. 


Our Needs List:

  • Warm winter items

  • Soap Sacks and Soap

  • Items available on our Amazon Wish List for purchase

  • Funds to purchase items locally without sales tax (yeah Oregon!)

  • Funds to cover our shipping costs to get items to Ukraine.

  • All donations are tax-deductible. 

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   what we are crafting  

Item Requested
Craft Type
Quantity Requested
Quantity Still Needed


   project must knows  

Must Knows

We are crafting warm winter items for men, women and children over the age of 2.  We do not need items for newborn to 2 year olds at this time.  We are also making soap sacks. Please take the time to completely read our Project Overview Sheet for the answers to many of your questions and lots of important details. 


Handcrafted items we are collecting:


Warm Winter Hats

Warm Winter Gloves

Warm Winter Mittens


Soap Sacks



Our size categories are: 

Men (We are not differentiating if you have big or bigger mens hats, all are just "Mens")

Women (Teens or Women size hats should be labeled as Women)

Child Large (Ages 10-14)

Child Medium (Ages 6-10)

Child Small (Ages 2-5)

We are NOT collecting items for 0-2 year olds. 


If you are not adding our size tags yourself, please ensure that your items are clearly separated by size when sending to HQ so we can easily tag them. All items sent to Ukraine MUST have a tag, we are happy to tag for you. 


Warm Winter Items

Items can be Sewn, Knit, Crochet.


  • If sewing with fleece, we ask that items be 2 layers of fleece.


  • If knitting or crocheting, please note that it is extremely cold. Washable wools are most welcome. Double layered Addi Hats are great.  Please don't use lightweight yarns or patterns that have a light weave with lots of holes. 


Soap Sacks

Soap Sacks can be Knit, Crochet or Sewn. We often see sacks that are not the correct size to hold a bar of soap. Please check your size! FINISHED SOAP SACKS SHOULD BE APPROXIMATELY 4"x6".  Tip: Keep an index card nearby to check your sizing!


If you choose to sew sacks, The ONLY sewn pattern we accept is The Crafting Change Sewn Soap Sack. Too often other patterns don't correctly hold the bar of soap, are too big, cumbersome or don't include a flap for closure. To ensure that the soap sacks will fit our boxes for shipping neatly we are only taking this one sewn pattern. 


Deadline to have items at our HQ

 January 17, 2023.




   helpful resources  



Crafting Change For Ukraine Project Overview Sheet

Our project overview sheet is where to start for any of our partner charities. It includes all information, links and important information for this project.

Tags For Ukraine Donations

All donations must have this tag attached. We will use a pricing gun at Crafting Change HQ or you can help by attaching it at home with yarn or thread.

   warm winter patterns  

Addi Hat Sizing Guide

A guide to knitting hats on your Addi Machine

Simple Textured Mitts (2 Ways)

Versatile unisex mittens in a variety of sizes

Mrs. Murdock's Mittens

Fun easy mitten pattern for children

Chunky Crochet Beanie

This easy, chunky hat will keep teens toasty this winter!

Give It A Whirl Beanie

The swirling ridges of this hat will take you just a few hours to complete!

Basic Crochet Hat

This simple crochet pattern is sure to please any person that receives it!

Easy Fleece Hat Pattern

Easy sewn fleece hat pattern

Basic Hat with a Brim

Basic Hat in the round with a brim.

Fleece Hat with Flaps

Fleece Hat with Flaps pattern

Simple Crochet Hat

Easy crochet hat for kids with a pompom

Caron Slouchy Beanie

A slouch beanie is fun and oh so comfortable! Teens love its casual style to stay warm on cold winter days.

Fleece Hat

This easy fleece hat takes just minutes!

Fleece Hat with Flaps Video

Video Tutorial for the fleece hat with flap pattern

Easiest Crochet Hat Ever

Easy unisex for all sizes. This is our preferred crochet hat. It has good stretch, is warm and versatile.

Silas's Snow Day Hat

Cute ear flap hat for children

Easy Child's Hat

Easy child's crochet hat

Straightforward Cowl

Super easy pattern for beginners. Can knit it with your favorite stitch pattern (knit/purl, cables) on the center stitches instead of garter stitch.

Fleece Neck Gaiter (not a mask)

A cozy neck warming tube for any charity requesting a scarf or neck warming device!

Recommended & Tested Yarns

Crafting Change recommended and tested yarn list sorted by project type.

The World's Simplest Mittens

Quick and easy mittens to knit up! Beginner friendly.

Hands Full Crochet Mittens

Beginner easy crochet pattern

The CC Beanie

This popular beanie is trendy, warm and easy to knit.

Sunflower Hat

Beautiful knit hat in the colors of Ukraine with their national flower

How I Knit The CC Beanie

Great version of the classic CC beanie

Basic Hat with Earflap Option

Children's hat with optional earflap!

Easiest Knit Hat Ever

Easy knit unisex hat for any size. Our #1 preferred hat style. Also visit the You Tube Tutorial here

Slouchy Beanie

Easy slouchy beanie for kids and adults

Caron Beginner Beanie

This basic beginner beanie is fast and easy for any crocheter!

Ribbed Beanie Hat by Melody Crochet

Video Tutorial How to crochet a beanie with a ribbed brim

Fleece Hat With Earflaps

Written pattern and YouTube tutorial for a fun fleece hat with earflaps.

Make a 2 Layer Hat on the Addi

2 layer hat with a brim on the Addi Knitting Machine.

Seamless Earflap Hat

This pattern comes in all sizes Newborn-Adults!

Striped Band Earflap Hat

Cute crochet children's hat with a stripe and earflaps

Neck Thingum

This unisex, cozy tube helps fight off the bitter elements.

Undulating Cowl

Knit The Rainbow Designer donated pattern! This more challenging pattern is good practice at increasing and decreasing stitches!

Tags For Ukraine Donations

All donations must have this tag attached. We will use a pricing gun at Crafting Change HQ or you can help by attaching it at home with yarn or thread.

Basic Plain Gloves

simple, easy glove pattern for anyone

Fleece 2 Layer Mittens

Nice, thick and warm, easy to sew.

Fleece Mitten Pattern

Tutorial (link to download FREE pattern on this page). Super easy to follow tutorial! SIngle layer adult.

Traditional Ear Flap Hat

An easy ear flap hat

Classic Ribbed Beanie

This easy pattern for beginners is a classic ribbed beanie for everyone!

Nice & Knit Beanie

Stylish, easy beanie

Fleece 2 Layer Hat

Simple 2 layer fleece hat that is reversible for all ages.

Beginner Basic Hat

A basically basic hat available in 6 sizes!

How To Knit A Hat For Beginners

Great Video Tutorial for beginners!

Garter Ear Flap Hat

For the adventurous knitter ready to take on a challenge, look at this ear flap pattern in 5 sizes!

Making Balaclavas for Ukraine

Super warm winter item that fully covers the head!

Basic Beginner Hats for the Family

Basic hat in 6 sizes!

Skyping All Purpose Beanie

This gender neutral option can be made in a variety of sizes.

Easy Fleece Hat Video Tutorial

Video tutorial for Easy Fleece hat pattern

Balaclava Kids Hat

Great super warm hat that covers the entire face! Video Tutorial in link too!

Mariner's Cowl

This fast and easy cowl with 2x2 ribbing will fit any neck!

1-Hour Pull-Over Scarf

Super easy beginner pattern!

Tips & Tricks for Working with Fleece

Watch this if you are new to working with fleece or looking for great tips or tricks to make it easier!



   soap sacks  

Crafting Change Recommended & Tested Yarn List

Recommended & Tested Yarn List for all crafting change partner projects

Soap Sack Video Tutorial

Crochet a soap sack with Melanie Shovelski

Knit Soap Sacks

A folder full of different knit soap sack patterns

Soap Sack Resources

Resources from S.A.C.K. including many crochet and knit patterns.

Splish Splash Soap Sack

This mermaid themed sack designed by Melanie Shovelski is easy and fun!

Major Stitches Soap Sack

Lovely military themed sack designed by Melanie Shovelski

Granny Square Soap Sack

Granny Square Pattern designed by Melanie Shovelski


   shipping info  

You will be shipping items to Crafting Change Headquarters in Oregon where we will be sorting, labelling and tagging for our partner charity in the way required for shipment to Ukraine. All items must be received by January 17th so we have time to make our January 20th deadline. While you can use our PO Box, to speed up processing, we ask that you send directly to our HQ. You can include donations for other charities with these packages, we will separate upon arrival so no need to ship in multiple parcels if you have other items headed to HQ.


USPS, FedEx or UPS

Crafting Change for Ukraine

367 Lynnbrook Drive

Eugene, OR 97404


We are partnered with Give Back Box to offer discounted shipping labels for items coming to our HQ! You can ship a box up to 50 pounds and 108" in girth to us for $20.  If your box is going to cost you more than $20 to ship, please use this link to get our discounted label! Once you receive your label, please immediately email Monika at and ask for a "fresh" label with an unused tracking number. You will receive this in 1-2 days and this is the shipping label you should use.  

Please note Give Back Box UPS shipping tends to take at least 7 days to arrive, so plan accordingly. Don't forget to request a fresh label each time you order a Give Back Box label by contacting


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