Matching craftivists to projects with purpose, helping those in need.

As we begin our journey at Crafting Change, our primary focus will be pandemic relief through:

  • making cloth masks for underserved communities

  • distributing cloth masks and scrub caps to frontline workers

  • helping in other ways to alleviate the suffering during the Covid-19 Crisis


We encourage everyone to join The Crafting Change Community for up-to-date information and to get involved RIGHT NOW.


Crafting Change is excited to hear from you and get crafting together!

What are you crafting?  We can find someone who needs it. Just ask. 

Mask Maker
Making Masks


Founded in the COVID-19 era, we learned firsthand what a group of inspired craftivists can accomplish together, even while being physically apart.  Crafting Change believes in a world where makers feel inspired and connected to the multitude of creative projects that make a difference in the world around them.  Crafting Change seeks to build an inspiring and trustworthy collection of these projects through relationships with underserved communities and the organizations that work closely with them.  Craftivists connect with each other via an accessible, digital community with resources for honing their skills.  Together, we make high-quality items that bring joy, comfort, and support to those in need, and make crafting fun.  

If you craft, join us in Crafting Change!

People with Masks
Smile Masks for Yankton Sioux Tribe from Jessica & James in NC
Winter Hats for Hopa Mountain from Melanie in WY
Scrub Caps for Nurses Week from Doris, UT
Scrub Caps for Frontline Heroes
Frontline Heroes from Ida Grove, IA in caps and masks from Sewist Cindy in PA
Crocheted Ear-Savers from Doris in UT
Proud of the movement we have created!
This is why we do it! A frontline hero in a cap made by one of our sewists!
Founder Tiffany Herbert Sewing during an appearance on Good Morning America in June 2020
Scrub Caps for Nurses Week
Handmade Masks for ER in Iowa
A long hair scrub cap sewn by volunteer Martha in CO!
Our most popular unisex scrub cap!
Founder Tiffany Herbert sending packages of masks & caps!
Crafting Change everywhere we go!
Are you ready to Craft Change with us?

After a year of leading Get PPE and their volunteers to 1.3 million donated items, the Organizer of the National Day of Service National Virtual Sew-a-Thon & The Group: The National Virtual Sew-A-Long is ready to lead Crafting Change into what comes next! 


Tiffany Herbert

Founder-President-Executive Director


Why do you want to

Craft Change? 

I never fully appreciated the value of my ability to sew until a global pandemic hit.  And now I know it is a superpower. It can save lives. I never fully appreciated the power of tens of thousands of   us with sewing machines, and crochet hooks and computers and Facebook accounts either. We are strong. We are amazing. And we are crafting change before my very eyes every single day.


The pandemic will end, but it has highlighted the vast inequities in how resources are distributed in our country. There are far too many who are in need of basic items: hats, socks, blankets and (masks); There are nonprofit hospitals and NICU's in need of donations, there are far too many frontline workers who make minimum wage who need help with basic items like scrub caps. There are children who need hats to stay healthy to go to school and a mask to be able to do so. We can help because we can craft these items. 


I have started this non-profit because we are now mobilized. While our focus will remain on pandemic relief and partnering with organizations who still need masks, we will transition to other areas of need and craft them as we have volunteers to do so. Our 501(c)(3) is pending, once we have it we look forward to helping  with shipping costs and supplies.  

It is my sincere hope that you feel the same way I do...empowered! I feel the earth has moved and I am not going back. Together we can craft the change we want to see in our communities and beyond.  Join me.   


~ Tiffany Herbert, Founder ~ Crafting Change

We Can Do It!