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 Nashville Launch Pad 


The mission of Nashville Launch Pad is to create a network of temporary, safer, street-free sleeping shelters for unhoused young adults which are open and affirming to LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies. The have 3 main programs: 

  • Emergency Shelter - up to 25 young adults in congregate shelter in local churches nightly from Nov 1 - March 31

  • Independent-Supported Living Program (ISLP)- up to 6 LGBTQ+ young adults supported in an apartment space

  • Mobile Housing Navigation Center - up to 15 beds available through the Coordinated Care Entry system in partnership with Community Care Fellowship


 what are we crafting? 

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 project must-knows 

For 2 of their programs, The Independent Supported Living Program (up to a 6 Month stay) and the Mobile Housing Navigation Center (up to a 120 Day stay), the young adults have the opportunity to stay for longer periods of time and settle down while they look for permanent housing, educational opportunity and jobs. We will be helping the young adults in these 2 programs with blankets and pillowcases to make them feel more at home during this transition.


We have been asked to not use "Pride" themed fabric or fabric that in anyway would identify the owner of the items as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. It is important to remember that these young adults are in a very vulnerable situation often having been displaced from their home due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. 


  • Pattern: Use the Burrito Pillowcase pattern for sewing. This pattern creates a clean and professional finish.

  • Fabric: You may use either cotton or flannel fabric for the pillowcases. These fabrics are durable and comfortable.

  • Fabric Restrictions: Please avoid using fabrics that depict weapons, drugs, alcohol, or themes related to pride, rainbows, or any fabrics/ymbols that could "out" someone as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Quality: Ensure that stitches are secure and seams are finished neatly for durability.


  • Accepted Techniques:  blankets can be sewn, knitted, or crocheted.

  • The ideal size for blankets is 45 inches by 60 inches (114 cm by 152 cm), which provides comfort and practicality for recipients.

  • Fabric and Yarn: Use high-quality yarns and fabrics that are cozy and durable. Please refer to our master yarn list for suggestions on suitable yarns for blankets. Avoid using yarns or fabrics in colors of the rainbow. Please don't make blankets overly scrappy. 

  • Fabric and Yarn Restrictions: Avoid using fabrics that depict weapons, drugs, alcohol, or themes related to pride, rainbows, or any symbols that could "out" someone as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Quality: Ensure your blankets are well-crafted with secure stitches or seams, reflecting the care and dedication of our volunteers.

Twin Size Quilts

  • They are looking for approximately 12 Twin Size Quilts per year. If you have any interest in constructing some truly lovely, warm, twin size quilts that residents of their Independent Supported Living Program could come home to, they would love that.  

  • Size: 70"x90"

  • Fabric Restrictions: Avoid using fabrics that depict weapons, drugs, alcohol, or themes related to pride, rainbows, or any symbols that could "out" someone as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Fabric: Cotton & Batting

  • Technique: Sewn Only


Delivery Start Date: October 1, 2024 for Winter Items

Feel free to begin preparing for the upcoming winter season. If you would like to help unsheltered LGBTQIA+ young adults in Nashville, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Accepted Items: We are looking for hats, cowls, scarves, gloves, mittens, and fingerless gloves.

  2. Technique: Sewn, knitted, or crocheted.

  3. Color Preferences: Use subdued colors such as browns, blacks, navy blue, forest greens, etc. These colors help the young adults blend into their surroundings and feel safe.

  4. Fabric and Yarn Restrictions: Avoid using colors of the rainbow or Pride-inspired patterns. The young adults served by Nashville Launch Pad often come from difficult backgrounds where their gender identity or sexual orientation was not accepted. It’s important that the items do not make them stand out.

  5. Quality: Ensure your items are well-crafted and durable, providing warmth and comfort throughout the winter months.

Must Knows



Burrito Pillowcase Pattern

Written Pattern for Burrito Pillow Case

Burrito Pillowcase Video Tutorial

The best video tutorial out there for making a burrito pillowcase!

  blankets: knit/crochet  


Recommended & Tested Yarns

Crafting Change recommended and tested yarn list sorted by project type.

Mixed Stripes Throw

Lovely blanket with easy to create stripes. Leave the tassels off if creating for small children or babies.

Quiet Ripple Crochet Lapghan

This lovely textured blanket has been amended to use a lighter DK weight yarn.

Tumbling Blocks Blanket

This pattern for beginners with knits and purls is also a reversible blanket, too. It calls for aran weight yarn but you can use worsted weight yarn, just check your gauge.

Colts Foot Blanket by Hobbii

Easy for beginners, the knit purl pattern works up with DK weight acrylic yarn. You could also try a yarn substitute like Sport. The knitting pattern calls for circular knitting needles to accommodate all your stitches.

Cross Double Hatch Blanket

You will get a beautiful texture from the crossed double crochet stitch in an easy two row repeat.

38 Knit Blanket Patterns

This link will connect you to 38 great knit blankets, all approved patterns for our charity partners requesting knit blankets!



Flip N Sew Lapghan Video Tutorials

Flip n' Sew Lapghan Video Tutorial Playlist containing all 3 videos

Crafting Change Rag Quilt Helpful Files

This file contains several helpful resources created by Crafting Change for making rag quilts!

Rag Quilt Zoom Class

Rag Quilt Zoom Room Class with Crafting Change

Self Binding Blanket

Easy peasy self binding flannel blanket!

How To Bind A Quilt

A great technique for binding blankets or potholders!

Quilt As You Go

This quilt as you go method just needs some strips!

Rag Quilt Supplement

Fabric choices and quilt math included in this Crafting Change supplement.

Easy Sewn Blanket Techniques with Martha Richmond

Video Tutorial with Craftivist Martha Richmond showing a variety of simple techniques to quickly sew up and bind off blankets for charity!

Crafting Change Flip & Sew Lapghan

This lapghan quilts itself as you go!

Rag Quilt Guide

How to make a rag quilt the ultimate guide with step by step pictures.

Rag Quilt DIY Tutorial

Nice guide with options for block sizing.

 shipping guidelines 

They do ask that you try to bundle your items into the fewest shipments possible. You can ship here when your package is ready. Please do not ship any winter items until after 10/1/24. 

First Lutheran

c/o Nashville Launch Pad

113 9th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37203

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