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 Piper's Project 

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Piper's Project has recently obtained their 501c3 status. They have expanded their mission to now distribute their bags of love to children in foster care, those that are unsheltered and victims of domestic violence. 

 what are we crafting? 

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Soap Sacks

 project must-knows 

1. Burrito Pillow Case- These are for all ages 5-18. All pillows are all the standard size pillow no matter the age you are making for.  It is appreciated if fun fabrics are used, and kids love licensed prints like Marvel, Comic Book characters like Batman and Superman, Harry Potter, Disney.  

  • The pillowcase is made from three coordinating materials. The finished size should be 20”-21” wide by 30-32” long which fits a standard pillow.

  • Please use soft, non scratchy material: woven quilter’s cotton, woven cotton blends as well as flannel. Fabric prints to avoid would be

    • ones with drugs, alcohol, weapons

    • religious, or holiday prints

    • fabric with the words mommy, daddy or family or any variant (grandma, etc.)

2. Knit/Crochet Soap Sacks- Please ensure your soap sacks end up being the standard size of a soap sack 4"x6". When soap is distributed it has to be in it's original packaging which is often a box. Often soap sacks are too small. You can use a 4x6 index card as a handy guide to keep in your project bag. It is a good idea to check your pattern every once in awhile to ensure you are meeting the size guidelines. Thank you. 

Must Knows

 suggested patterns 


 burrito pillowcases 


Burrito Pillowcase One Sheet

One sheet with fabric choices, cutting directions, and how to lay out burrito pillowcases for kids in foster care

Burrito Pillowcase Pattern

Written Pattern for Burrito Pillow Case

Burrito Pillowcase Video Tutorial

The best video tutorial out there for making a burrito pillowcase!

 soap sacks 


Hear Me Roar Soap Sack by Melanie

This adorable dino soap sack pattern was created by Melanie Shovelski. It will make washing up so much more fun! 


Major Stitches Soap Sack

Lovely military themed sack designed by Melanie Shovelski

All Craft Types

Soap Sack Resources

Resources from S.A.C.K. including many crochet and knit patterns.


Splish Splash Soap Sack

This mermaid themed sack designed by Melanie Shovelski is easy and fun!


Crafting Change Sudsy Soap Sack by Denise Smith

This fun soap sack uses the Herringbone Half Double Crochet to give it a great textured look. Designed for Crafting Change by Craftivist Denise Smith


Soap Sack Video Tutorial

Crochet a soap sack with Melanie Shovelski


Soap Sack Tags

A link to S.A.C.K. website for their tags to attach to your Soap Sacks!


Lil Ripples Soap Sack

This super cute sack uses the sedge stitch.


Knit Soap Sacks

A folder full of different knit soap sack patterns


Granny Square Soap Sack

Granny Square Pattern designed by Melanie Shovelski

 shipping guidelines 

ship it!

Piper's Project is happy to accept your donations whenever you are able to send them. Winter items are needed as soon as possible for the impending colder weather of the current fall/winter 2023.

Ship To:

Piper’s Project

40587 Jingo Rd

Lacygne, Kansas 


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