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 what are we crafting? 

Item Requested
Craft Type
Quantity Requested
Quantity Still Needed
Pet Bed (Small)
Pet Blankets (Large Dog)
Pet Bed (Large)
Pet Blankets (Medium Dog)

 project must-knows 

To craft for this charity, please read our Project Overview Sheet thoughtfully put together by our Advisory Board. It includes all the details and patterns.

While our overview sheet includes MANY items, for 2024 they only need a few of the items we have available to craft for them. So please check their needs list before beginning to craft. 

1) Pet Toys We have curated a variety of patterns for some great toys. For 2024 they need Dog tug toys, Denim bones, crochet cat toys, and kitty kick sticks.  They do not need any snuffle mats or balls at this time. When making ANY pet toy do not include squeakers or bells or anything that could be swallowed if the pet was able to open the toy for the safety of the pet. 

2) Pet Beds - Please check their needs list to see what size beds they currently need. 

3) Pet Blankets - these can be sewn, knit, crochet or no-sew. Please see our guidelines for sizing and then see what size is currently needed. 

Must Knows

 suggested patterns 


  pet patterns 

Pet patters

Patient Pet Advocates Project Overview Sheet & Patterns

Project Overview & Links to ALL patterns for Patient Pet Advocates


 shipping guidelines 

Items for this partner will be shipped directly to Patient Pet Advocates at their Post Office Box. At this time, they can only accept US Postal Service packages and they are not set up with Give Back Box. 

Shipping Address:

Patient Pet Advocates

PO Box 23

Springfield, OR 97477

Patient Pet Advocates email header.png

Patient Pet Advocates is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that helps to rehome pets for patients that have passed away after terminal illnesses.  Instead of going to a shelter or pound, the pets are placed in foster homes until a permanent home can be found. They rehome approximately 12 pets per month. 

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