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Embracing the ICU is a 501c3 nonprofit. They are a team of parents that have walked the journey and continue to do so.  Whether it's been for weeks, months or for some years in the ICU (NICU/PICU/CICU).  They understand the stories, the strains, the sorrow, and strength these parents have; and are there to bring support in areas that they felt were missed in their journeys.  They have a 4 pronged mission: Holiday's at the Hospital, Possible Bags, Parent to Parent, and Tribe Vibe. 

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NICU Octopus

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We will be helping Embracing the ICU with one aspect of their "Possible Bags". They have asked Crafting Change to help make an Octopus to put in each bag for the babies in the ICU. These are not toys, these are medical devices placed in incubators. 


Fiber Arts Advisor Robyn Peters has drafted our approved pattern and with our Project Overview Sheet this gives you all the guidelines you need to craft a safe Octopus for the NICU.


Our Crafting Change guidelines for yarn choices and our tips and tricks for completing this project are all listed on the Project Overview Sheet, be sure to read this first before beginning to craft this project to ensure your final product is up to the standards needed for these items that will go into an incubator. 

This project is not for beginning crocheters. 

We have an approved yarn list and only one approved pattern. Please adhere to our guidelines so your octopus is accepted by the receiving NICU.

Before you begin this project, please read this FAQ.

Must Knows

 approved patterns 


 nicu octopus 


The Crafting Change NICU Octopus

The Crafting Change NICU Octopus Pattern by Robyn Peters


The Crafting Change NICU Octopus (DK Yarn)

The NICU Octopus made with DK weight yarn!


Embracing the ICU Project Overview Sheet

Project Overview Sheet for our NICU Octopus project Begin Here!

 shipping guidelines 

Please ship whenever you like. They are accepting these on an ongoing basis, year-round. Please consider checking shipping rates on Pirate Ship ( to get a better rate than at the retail counter. 

Ship via US Postal Service only 


Embracing the ICU

PO Box 815

Omaha, NE 68101

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