Care Slip

Please include this Crafting Change Care Slip in every package you send. Please post a photo of this Care Slip with your donation in The Crafting Change Community on our daily "Craftivists Changing Our Communities Daily Donation Post"

  • Please use one care slip PER type of item you send. For example, use one slip for your masks, and one slip for your bags. It is important that we describe the fiber content of each of our donations and this is how we do it. If you send one location 50 masks you will use one Care Slip for those masks.

  • Please include as much, or as little, contact information for yourself as you like. This is simply so your recipient may know how to reach you if they have questions or would like to say thanks! 

On a Mobile Device? Use this link and then click DOWNLOAD! After you download the pdf, you should be able to print just fine! 
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3. Print!
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