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Grace Upon Grace Project is a 501c3 founded in 2019. It is their dream to provide under-served people in their community with diapers, wipes, and period products to live and grow with grace and dignity while addressing the roots of social inequities.

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Cosmetic Bags

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How we are helping: NEW GOAL SET 10/12/23
















The Grace Upon Grace Project has The First Period Project in partnership with 3 local school districts in Northern Colorado. In conjunction with health educators they provide several thousand menstruating persons their first period kits in conjunction with menstruation education. These kits need cosmetic bags to store all the period products and educational materials in and this is how Crafting Change can help. 

1) Cosmetic Bags - You can use any pattern for cosmetic bags including our zippered bags or our snappy sack! Please see our pattern section below for our suggested patterns! The recommended size is 7"x9" or 9"x7". This size holds just the right amount of supplies. 

Fabrics: As these are for middle school aged kids, keep the fabrics age appropriate. Nothing babyish and nothing old-fashioned. Use fun, bright fabric. Use licensed prints if you have them. No fabrics with references to drugs, alcohol or inappropriate sayings or words. Nothing political in nature.  If using the Snappy Sack pattern, these do not need to have the boxed pleat bottom. You do not have to use batting, but you can if you like. 

Additional Items: If you have like new IPSY bags, they are also accepting these! 

Must Knows

 approved patterns 


 cosmetic bags 

Cosmetic Bags

Scrappy Cosmetic Bag

Fun way to use your scraps to make a colorful cosmetic bag


Making A Triangle for The Snappy Sack

Video Tutorial to make the triangle for the Snappy Sack with Carol Grape


So Sew Easy Cosmetic Bag

This fast and easy zippered cosmetic bag is roomy and fun to make! Check out this video tutorial!


Fancy Zipper Bag

A easy to sew cosmetic bag using a lacy zipper that doesn't require a zipper foot!


Snappy Sack

This fun and easy cosmetic style bag closes with a snap bracelet instead of a zipper!


Crafting Change Zippered Cosmetic Bag

Drawn pattern for easy cosmetic bag by Kathy Lawrence


Easy Zipper Pouch by Missouri Star Quilt

A cute zipper pouch when you use custom design zippers that show on the outside of the bag!


15 Minute Zipper Pouch

Fast & Easy cosmetic bag

 shipping guidelines 

Our new goal is 1000 and they are not needed until February 2024.  There is on rush to ship quickly, feel free to sew and ship whenever you have a box full, tallying as you go. 


Grace Upon Grace Project

First Period Kit Program

5810 Last Pointe Drive

Windsor, CO 80550

If your box will cost you more than $20 to ship, GUGP is partnered with Give Back Box to get you a $20 UPS label from Give Back Box and ship up to 50 pounds and 108" in girth to Grace Upon Grace Project here.

Due to a computer glitch, they send out the same label with the same tracking number to every person and you can't use it. After you receive your label, please immediately email Monika at and ask for a "fresh" label with an unused tracking number. You will get a new label in 1-2 days. This is the label you should use. 

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