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The Remissionaries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Las Vegas, NV. Founded by a breast cancer survivor/thriver, and aimed at helping women undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. Providing a comfort crate at the beginning of or during treatment can help alleviate some common side effects of chemotherapy. A small gesture that can make a big impact in the life of a woman with breast cancer. 

 what are we crafting? 

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Craft Type
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 project must-knows 


Before you begin crafting, please read the Project Overview Sheet. There are lots of details for each item. Because you are crafting for patients going through cancer treatments, special care needs to be paid to the yarn you use, etc. Please ensure you have read ALL the details for the patterns and yarn choices before you begin!

The Remissionaries Project Overview Sheet

Updated 4/1/24: currently their only need is Lapghans: 

Lapghans (Knit/Crochet) for snuggling with during chemotherapy, no color restrictions, in fact The Remissionaries tells us they LOVE bright colors!  Try for a finished size of  36” to 45” wide by 60” to 70” long.  Any pattern is fine.


Soft Cotton Beanies -(Knit/Crochet) These need to be made with soft cotton yarn or cotton/bamboo yarn  for patients going through chemo treatments.   Make sure the ‘cotton’ yarn you use is 100% cotton and please do not use any ‘craft’ yarn.  Our partner has requested NO polyester, so check the label as some of these brands have a “cotton blend” that looks very similar to all cotton.  Choose undyed, or pale-shade yarn, to minimize the amount of dye in the yarn that might be in contact with sensitive skin.  As you look at hat beanie patterns, please bear in mind that ones with a lot of ‘texture’ can be irritating to sensitive skin so try to keep your pattern as smooth and bump-free as possible. Info sheet

Tote Bags - Cute tote bags made from quilting cotton or lightweight canvas or tasteful denim are perfect for patients to carry items with them to chemotherapy appointments. Any pattern is ok. 


Pocket Prayer Quilts( Heart Hugs) - The Remissionaries would like all of the pocket quilts they receive to have hearts attached so they can go to anyone, no matter their religious preference.  You can use buttons, charms, be creative just ensure they are securely fastened. We have a thoughtful Project Overview Sheet put together by Kathy Lawrence for this project, please review! You can attach the poem yourself by laminating it, or know that we will send them a stack of ready to attach poems if you aren't able. 


4) Quilts - (Sewn) A snuggly blanket is always appreciated by those going through chemo.  They have asked for quilted cotton type lapghans and not fleece.  We recommend a lapghan designed in your choice of pattern with two layers of quilting cotton, batting or fleece in the middle and a binding.  They can be machine quilted, or ‘sew as you go’ strip quilts.  Aim for a finished size of 36”x48 to 45”x60"

Port Pillows - (Sewn/Crochet)-This project is fast and easy. If you are sewing, The Remissionaries strongly prefers the Port Pillow with wings. . Port pillows really need to be stuffed FIRMLY to be effective. Please ensure you are really stuffing your port pillows nice and firm! 

Mini Tissue Holders - (Sewn/Crochet) This is a great scrap busting project! We have both crochet and sewn patterns available. Please ensure to check the seam allowance on the sewn pattern and to buy one pack of tissues to use at home to ensure your tissue holder fits a pack before you send it. 

Soft Scalp Washing Pads  These are like a face scrubby, but need to be made from organic cotton worsted yarn, that stays soft for the sensitive scalps.  Please choose un-dyed, or pale colors, so as to limit the amount of dye that may come in contact with sensitive skin.  

Rice Bag Heating Pads - These small flannel heating pads are super fast and easy to sew up. Christina will fill them up with rice and sew them closed, so all you have to do is create the empty shells following our super easy pattern and video tutorial created by Carol Grape  Please remember to use COTTON THREAD and leave one entire short end open for filling with rice. 

Other Items they collect:

Inside the comfort crates The Remissionaries distributes, they include many easy to find items! If you have extra room in your box, maybe you will consider including a few or check around your house to see if you have extras laying around! 

Fuzzy socks, puzzle books, lip balm, journals, small lotions, mini tissues, hand sanitizer, Ginger chews & cough drops, and reusable water bottles. 

Must Knows

 Project Overview Sheet 

Project Overviw

The Remissionaries Project Overview Sheet

Read this before crafting for The Remissionaries!

Recommended & Tested Yarns

Crafting Change recommended and tested yarn list sorted by project type.

small items

  heart hugs ~ port pillows ~ tissue holders  

Heart Hug Poem

This poem can be printed, laminated and attached to heart hugs for our charity partners.

Heart Shaped Heart Hug Video Tutorial

Beautiful Heart shaped heart hugs quilted, decorative stitched and thoughtfully done.

Port Pillow with wings by LeSha

Port/PICC pillow with wings by LeSha

Crochet Mini Tissue Holder

These mini tissue holders have a cute pocket too!

Recommended & Tested Yarns

Crafting Change recommended and tested yarn list sorted by project type.

Crafting Change Pocket Heart Hug

Easy to craft pocket heart hugs for a non-religious

Crochet Port Pillow

Crafting Change Port Pillow by Melanie Shovelski

Heart Shaped Heart Hug Template

The heart shaped template for the heart shaped heart hug

Video Tutorial Pocket Prayer Quilts

Video Step by Step on how to construct our Pocket Prayer Quilt

Fabric Mini Tissue Holder

This sewn mini tissue holder is real scrap buster!

 quilts and lapghans 


Crafting Change Flip & Sew Lapghan

This lapghan quilts itself as you go!

Easy Sewn Blanket Techniques with Martha Richmond

Video Tutorial with Craftivist Martha Richmond showing a variety of simple techniques to quickly sew up and bind off blankets for charity!

Cross Double Hatch Blanket

You will get a beautiful texture from the crossed double crochet stitch in an easy two row repeat.

Quilt As You Go

This quilt as you go method just needs some strips!

Quiet Ripple Crochet Lapghan

This lovely textured blanket has been amended to use a lighter DK weight yarn.

How To Bind A Quilt

A great technique for binding blankets or potholders!

38 Knit Blanket Patterns

This link will connect you to 38 great knit blankets, all approved patterns for our charity partners requesting knit blankets!

 soft cotton beanies 


Barely Light Hat

In the Simple Collection this Learn To Knit Hat is easy!

The Simple Cotton Cap

This easy to crochet cap will become your favorite!

Any Size Shell Stitch Hat

This basic hat uses only a few crochet stitches to make a beautiful cap

Recommended & Tested Yarns

Crafting Change recommended and tested yarn list sorted by project type.

Lace Brim Worsted Weight Beanie

Plymouth Yarn Company lovely knit beanie with a cute lace brim uses worsted weight yarn.

 soft scalp washing pads 


Easy Crochet Face Scrubby

This pattern makes a great scalp pad using our selection of yarn.

Free Face Scrubby Crochet Pattern

This pattern makes a great scalp pad using our selection of yarn.

Recommended & Tested Yarns

Crafting Change recommended and tested yarn list sorted by project type.

   tote bags  

Crafting Change Super Tote Video

Video Tutorial for this easy tote that uses heavier weight fabric.

Martha's Quick & Easy Two-Toned Lined Tote

This is a fast and simple way to make a lined 2 toned tote with french seams

Crafting Change Easy Tote

Our modification of the Green Bag Lady tote provides finished seams and option for longer handles. Serge or Sew!

DIY Tote-Beginner

Basic lined beginner friendly tote bag

Crafting Change Super Tote

Easy tote using heavier weight fabrics.

Easy Canvas Tote Bag with Pocket

Super easy tote bag made from a canvas painting tarp!

Green Bag Lady Bag

This unlined tote bag sews up super fast!

Two-Tone Fabric Tote

Cute two toned fabric totes made two ways

Scrappy Taco Tote

Make our Taco Tote using scraps from your previous taco totes or other projects!

Crafting Change Easy Tote Video Tutorial

Video tutorial for our modification of the Green Bag Lady tote provides finished seams and option for longer handles. Serge or Sew!

Crafting Change Taco Tote

This cute easy to sew tote bag is designed after the popular Burrito Pillowcase.


   rice bag heating pads  

Rice Bag Heating Pad Instructions

Written instructions and overview for rice bag heating pad

Rice Bag Heating Pad Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial for Rice Bag Heating Pad


 shipping guidelines 

The Remissionaries is happy to accept your donations when you are able to send it. Please include a Crafting Change Care Slip in your package and mail to: 

The Remissionaries

ATTN: Christina Wu

6440 Sky Pointe Dr Ste 140-PMB 255

Las Vegas NV 89131

If your box will cost you more than $20 to ship, The Remissionaries is partnered with Give Back Box to get you a $20 UPS label from Give Back Box and ship up to 50 pounds and 108" in girth to The Remissionaries here.

Due to a computer glitch, they send out the same label with the same tracking number to every person and you can't use it. After you receive your label, please immediately email Monika at and ask for a "fresh" label with an unused tracking number. You will get a new label in 1-2 days. This is the label you should use. 

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