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Our Story


The 1st mask I ever made was for my daughter to wear to work after she got Covid in late March 2020.


My daughter, Mackenzie, at work, masked up!


My husband, Kent, is a doctor that works in rural Emergency Rooms throughout Iowa. I kept him and his nursing staff in masks and scrub caps. 


A Note From Our Founder Tiffany Herbert

I never fully appreciated the value of my ability to sew until a global pandemic hit.  And now I know it is a superpower. It can save lives. I never fully appreciated the power of tens of thousands of us with sewing machines, and crochet hooks and computers and Facebook accounts either. We are strong. We are amazing. And we are crafting change before my very eyes every single day. I started sewing to help protect the frontline workers in my life; my daughter and my husband. I kept sewing and volunteering for GetPPE and Million Mask Challenge because I saw the great difference we could make. 


I was asked to host an event for the National Day of Service for the Presidential Inaugural Committee. I chose to do a National Virtual Sew-A-Thon. This event saw over 300 people come together nationwide (and Canada) and sew over 17,000 masks for pandemic relief. During our giant zoom room the one thing I heard over and over again from the volunteers was "what are we going to do next?"... and that got me thinking...


My dear friend and founder of Every Day Action, Hillary Cohen challenges people to ask themselves everyday, "What can I do to help someone today?" is that spark that got me thinking...together we can do so much more to help so many. I met Hillary in a Zoom Room during a 12 hour sew-a-thon she hosted in April 2020. That was the inspiration for the sew-a-thon I hosted for the National Day of Service, and she is the inspiration for Crafting Change. Thank you to Hillary for all of the support she has given to Crafting Change as we start out. 

We are now mobilized. And THAT is a powerful thing. 

The pandemic will end, but it has highlighted the vast inequities in how resources are distributed in our country. There are far too many who are in need of basic items: hats, blankets, basics like menstrual pads and (masks); There are nonprofit organizations working like crazy to provide for people that don't know where to turn for basic items that need our help. There are children who need hats to stay healthy to go to school and a mask to be able to do so. We can help because we can craft these items. 

While we will always provide pandemic relief and partner with organizations who need masks, we will continue to transition to other areas of need and craft them as we have volunteers to do so. Now that we have our 501(c)3 and we can start fundraising in earnest, I want to be able to help our own craftivists with supplies and help with shipping costs, this goal may be a ways off, but I know we will get there.

It is my sincere hope that you feel the same way I do...empowered! I feel the earth has moved and I am not going back. Together we can craft the change we want to see in our own communities and beyond.  Join me. Crafting Change means so much...we are not only crafting change for those we create these items for, but we are crafting change in our own lives by crafting together as a community. Won't you join our community of crafters today? I'd love to see you in a zoom room or in our Facebook Community. 

During that Zoom Room on the National Day of Service I looked in your eyes and saw some of the most heroic volunteers I've ever met. You've sacrificed so much during 2020 and now even in to 2021. I knew I wanted to continue to organize in a way that would help you volunteer easily, efficiently and with the most impact for those in need. I know Crafting Change will do that for a long, long time. 💜

Tiffany Herbert & Hillary Cohen
First In-Person Meeting August 2020
(After Negative Covid tests 🥰)
_Become A Craftivist SewAThon2 (1).png
Become A Craftivist!.png
Day of 
Service Zoom Room Group Photo
January, 16 2021

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