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 Planned Parenthood 
of the Rocky Mountains 


Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood has been a 501c3 nonprofit organization since 1978. They serve people in 3 states: Colorado, New Mexico and Las Vegas, NV. Planned Parenthood empowers individuals and families in the communities they serve to make informed choices regarding their health and wellness. They see a  future where all people have equitable opportunity to experience health and wellness including high-quality sexual and reproductive health care provided with respect and without judgement.


 what are we crafting? 

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 project must-knows 









We have been asked to help Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains with several items in assistance of patient care. 


First, we were asked if there is a reusable solution for patient care bags that would offer some happiness, dignity and discretion for patients leaving clinic with medication and materials and resources after medical appointments.

Second, The Pocket Heart Hugs will be added to their resource pack given to patients with after their appointments. Prior to distribution, our laminated poem will be added to the Heart Hug by Martha.

Third, patients are advised to use a heating pad after certain appointments to help with cramping. Many patients can't afford this. However a rice heating pad made out of flannel holds it's heat for up to an hour! 

To start off, we are partnering with Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains to help their affiliates in Northern Colorado. (Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley and Northern Denver). If we get enough volunteer help, they would love assistance with all of their clinics in their entire service area covering all of Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. We have not reached that level of help, so for now we continue to just offer assistance in Northern Colorado. 


1) Tote Bags-

  • Any pattern, any style. Preferred Pattern: The Crafting Change Easy Tote, Green Bag Lady, Crafting Change Taco Tote or Earth Day Jean Tote.

  • Lined or unlined.

  • Quilting Cotton, cotton/poly blends, Lightweight Canvas or denim

  • Sized between 16"x16" and 18"x18"

  • Bright and cheerful fabrics like Superheroes, Florals, batiks in bright colors or denim jeans totes.

  • Fabrics to Avoid:

    • Pastels. 

    • Baby Prints

    • Fabrics with words like mommy/daddy/family

    • Drugs/Alcohol/Bad Words/Inappropriate Images

2) Pocket Heart Hugs - These are the same as our Pocket Prayer Quilts but are made with only hearts and no religious symbols. Bright and cheerful Heart Hugs. Same fabric restrictions as the tote bags. You can see our video below on how to construct them or follow any pattern you find for "pocket prayer quilts" however we are only using hearts, no religious emblems allowed. Carol Grape and Deb Evans found a fun new way to do these with pinking shears, and we've now added a video for this to our patterns! 

3) Rice Bag Heating Pads - These small flannel heating pads are super fast and easy to sew up. Our team on the ground in Colorado will fill them up with rice and sew them closed, so all you have to do is create the empty shells following our super easy pattern and video tutorial created by Carol Grape    Please remember to use COTTON THREAD! These will go inside the patient totes we are crafting along with the heart hugs and given to patients to offer them additional comfort to help alleviate cramping and pain. As the women served in this region are primarily low-income PPRM often has to provide financial assistance to patients to purchase heating pads however their funds are low due to increase requests to cover travel expenses of patients. This little item will go a long way to help. Rice is being provided by volunteers in Colorado. 

Must Knows

 tote bags 

tote bags

Crafting Change Easy Tote

Our modification of the Green Bag Lady tote provides finished seams and option for longer handles. Serge or Sew!


Crafting Change Super Tote Video

Video Tutorial for this easy tote that uses heavier weight fabric.


Earth Day Jean Tote

Easy reusable tote up-cycled from an old pair of jeans


Happy Scrappy Tote Bag & Backpack

Zoom Room recording on how to make the scrappy tote bag and denim drawstring backpack.


Two-Tone Fabric Tote

Cute two toned fabric totes made two ways


Crafting Change Easy Tote Video Tutorial

Video tutorial for our modification of the Green Bag Lady tote provides finished seams and option for longer handles. Serge or Sew!


Crafting Change Taco Tote

This cute easy to sew tote bag is designed after the popular Burrito Pillowcase.


Easy Canvas Tote Bag with Pocket

Super easy tote bag made from a canvas painting tarp!


Martha's Quick & Easy Two-Toned Lined Tote

This is a fast and simple way to make a lined 2 toned tote with french seams


Crafting Change Super Tote

Easy tote using heavier weight fabrics.


DIY Tote-Beginner

Basic lined beginner friendly tote bag


Green Bag Lady Bag

This unlined tote bag sews up super fast!


Scrappy Taco Tote

Make our Taco Tote using scraps from your previous taco totes or other projects!

 pocket heart hugs 

pocket hugs

Heart Hug Poem

This poem can be printed, laminated and attached to heart hugs for our charity partners.

Crafting Change Pocket Heart Hug

Easy to craft pocket heart hugs for a non-religious

Video Tutorial Pocket Prayer Quilts

Video Step by Step on how to construct our Pocket Prayer Quilt

 rice bag heating pads 


Rice Bag Heating Pad Instructions

Written instructions and overview for rice bag heating pad


Rice Bag Heating Pad Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial for Rice Bag Heating Pad

heating pad

 shipping guidelines 

These donations are going to be distributed to various locations throughout the region PPRM serves. Martha R. is organizing donations for PPRM and prepping the rice bag heating pads and tagging your heart hugs. All donations are being sent to her. For privacy reasons, we are not publishing her address. 

Please tally when your box is ready to ship . After you tally, email and she will send you her shipping address! Thank you! If you have sent to Martha previously, her address has not changed. However, we ask that you still notify her when a package is on the way. 

This is an ongoing project.

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