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The Foster Network (formerly The East River Foster Parent Network) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The Foster Network’s mission is to empower and support foster parents so they can in turn provide a safe and caring environment giving each child and adolescent the opportunity to thrive. 

The Foster Network works to provide the following services for children in foster care:

  • Activity reimbursement scholarships

  • Camp reimbursement scholarships

  • Clothing

  • Personal hygiene items

  • Beds

  • Dressers

While continuing to provide these ongoing services, the association has identified some important and unmet needs.  As the number of children in foster care continues to climb, we believe this trend can be reversed.  By identifying barriers to success, we believe we can take a preventative approach to ending the generational cycle of abuse and neglect among families in our community.

 what are we crafting? 

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We will be helping The Foster Network with 2 items for their Welcome Bags. In each welcome bag they put a fresh pair of pjs, a new blanket, underwear, a pillowcases and a hygiene kit. They provide these to each child entering foster care. Please read the information for each project we are working on for important details so you construct items that will be helpful to this charity partner. UPDATE 8/21/23 THEY CURRENTLY DON'T NEED TOTE BAGS. 

Fabrics to avoid: our usual caveats: no drugs, alcohol, weapons or religion, no holiday prints. New Restrictions: Nothing with the words mommy, daddy or family on them. 

1) Burrito Pillow Case- These are for all ages 2-18. All pillows are all the standard size pillow no matter the age you are making for. They distribute more of these than any other item.  It is appreciated if fun fabrics are used, and kids love licensed prints like Marvel, Comic Book characters like Batman and Superman, Harry Potter, Disney. Please follow the same fabric restrictions as for our tote bags above. Ensure you read our project overview sheet for details about crafting this particular item for this particular charity before you begin sewing.

Must Knows

 suggested patterns 


 burrito pillowcase 


ERFPN Project Overview Sheet

Project Overview Sheet Burrito Pillowcases and all sewn projects for ERFPN


Burrito Pillowcase Pattern

Written Pattern for Burrito Pillow Case


Burrito Pillowcase Video Tutorial

The best video tutorial out there for making a burrito pillowcase!

 shipping guidelines 

The Foster Network is ready to accept donations whenever you are ready to ship them. Please use the following address for your shipments. (updated 4/24/23)  Please be sure to tally your donations and include a Crafting Change Care Slip in your package. 

The Foster Network

620 S. Cliff Ave, Suite 200

Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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