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 Piper's Project 

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The state of Kansas has about 6,000 children in foster care. The goal of Piper's Project is to raise awareness for the needs of children in foster care, and to provide them with personal items. Piper's Project makes and distributes blankets and first night backpacks to children in foster care. Together with her Grandmother, they run this mutual aid organization in rural Kansas that serves a wide area and has been taking care of children for years. Piper has won many awards for her community service. They rely on their wider community for support and due the exceptional response of her program, they seek help from the wider community for support. Piper's Project has just applied for their 501(c)3 status! 

 what are we crafting? 

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 project must-knows 

Burrito Pillow Case- These are for all ages 2-18. All pillows are all the standard size pillow no matter the age you are making for.  It is appreciated if fun fabrics are used, and kids love licensed prints like Marvel, Comic Book characters like Batman and Superman, Harry Potter, Disney.  

  • The pillowcase is made from three coordinating materials. The finished size should be 20”-21” wide by 30-32” long.  

  • Please use soft, non scratchy material: woven quilter’s cotton, woven cotton blends as well as flannel prints and solids. Fabrics to avoid would be ones with drugs, alcohol, weapons, religious, or holiday prints.  Please honor this charity’ request of not using fabric with the words mommy, daddy or family.

Must Knows

 suggested patterns 


 burrito pillowcases 


Burrito Pillowcase Video Tutorial

The best video tutorial out there for making a burrito pillowcase!


Burrito Pillowcase Pattern

Written Pattern for Burrito Pillow Case

 shipping guidelines 

Piper's Project is happy to accept your donations whenever you are able to send them. 

Ship To:

Piper’s Project

40587 Jingo Rd

Lacygne, Kansas 


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