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Butterfly Haven is a 501c3 nonprofit in St. Louis, MO. Butterfly Haven serves children impacted by Foster Care and families who have experienced a Crisis situation such as a house fire or the recent flooding that impacted the area. 

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 what are we crafting? 

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Receiving Blankets
Bags (Heavy Totes)

 project must-knows 














We are helping Butterfly Haven with several needs for their closet that helps families with children newly entering foster care as well as families in crisis. We are also helping them with bags for their food pantry. Patrons visiting their pantry often travel on public transportation and need sturdy, reusable bags to carry canned food items home. 

1. Tote Bags: Butterfly Haven will be using tote bags in their food pantry so patrons can easily carry their items home  on public transportation. 

  • Bags should be made from sturdy fabric like upholstery, denim, or canvas

  • UPDATED 2/4/24: They are not accepting the upcycled feed bags or  bags made from a tarp at this time

2. Burrito Pillowcases: These are for all ages children. All pillows are all the standard size pillow no matter the age you are making for. 

  • Use fun fabrics appropriate for kids.

  • Kids love licensed prints and cartoon characters, book characters and movie characters like Mickey Mouse, Batman, Superman, Harry Potter, Disney. 

  • Do not use fabric with words like mom, dad or family OR drugs, alcohol or weapons.

  • Please use prewashed, soft woven quilter's cotton, woven cotton blends or flannel 

  • The finished size should be 20"-21" wide by 30-32" long.

3. Baby Items- Bibs, Burp Cloths & Receiving Blankets. These are to help families with babies either in foster care or families in crisis that have lost everything. 

4. Hair Scrunchies- One of the most requested items in their resource room, they go through about 25 per month, they are requesting these in fun prints and colors for all ages of girls. 

5. Quillow - This fun blanket transforms into a pillow! Easy to make and handy for kids. 

6. Cosmetic Bags - Any sewing pattern of cosmetic bag is okay, these are for kids of all ages and are used for a variety of purposes. You are welcome to box or not box the corners.  Please use kid friendly fabric and avoid fabric with the words mom, dad, family etc.  

7. Washcloths - Wash cloths are quick items to knit or crochet using 100% cotton yarn.  Use your favorite pattern or choose one of ours. 

Must Knows

  Tote Bags 

Tote Bags

Crafting Change Super Tote Video

Video Tutorial for this easy tote that uses heavier weight fabric.

Crafting Change Easy Tote Video Tutorial

Video tutorial for our modification of the Green Bag Lady tote provides finished seams and option for longer handles. Serge or Sew!

DIY Simple Jean Tote

Video tutorial for simple jean tote bag

Crafting Change Super Tote

Easy tote using heavier weight fabrics.

Crafting Change Easy Tote

Our modification of the Green Bag Lady tote provides finished seams and option for longer handles. Serge or Sew!

Earth Day Jean Tote

Easy reusable tote up-cycled from an old pair of jeans

Easy Canvas Tote Bag with Pocket

Super easy tote bag made from a canvas painting tarp!

Green Bag Lady Bag

This unlined tote bag sews up super fast!

DIY Tote-Beginner

Basic lined beginner friendly tote bag


 burrito pillowcases 

Burrito Pillowcase One Sheet

One sheet with fabric choices, cutting directions, and how to lay out burrito pillowcases for kids in foster care

Burrito Pillowcase Pattern

Written Pattern for Burrito Pillow Case

Burrito Pillowcase Video Tutorial

The best video tutorial out there for making a burrito pillowcase!

  hair scrunchies 


Hair Scrunchie (The Burrito Method)

Make a scrunchie in 5 minutes!

DIY Velvet Scrunchie (Crochet)

This super simple crocheted hair scrunchie is a great stash buster for your bulky velvety yarn!

Hair Scrunchie by Sew Very Easy

This easy to make hair scrunchie takes a FQ and makes 4!

 bibs and burps 


Easy Sew Baby Bib

As written for 6-9 months, but easy to adjust for other sizes!

DIY Hand Towel Baby Bib

Easy DIY Bib

Sew Very Easy Burp Cloth with Shoulder Protector

Super Easy with no fabric waste!

The Bigger Better Bib

Bib for newborn to 4 mos.

The Best Most Absorbent Burp Cloth Ever

Super absorbent burp cloth using cotton chenille

 receiving blankets 


Receiving Blanket Tutorial

This technique is stellar, you will need to modify the blanket size for this project.

Reversible Blanket

Reversible Blanket with decorative stitching

Easy Baby Blanket

This super easy blanket can be made in as little as 20 minutes!



Crafting Change Kids Quillow

Video Tutorial for our new pattern! A quillow is a blanket that folds up into a pillow; this one has a handle and is sized just right for kids!

How To Sew A Fleece Quillow

Blanket that transforms into a pillow!

   cosmetic bags  


Scrappy Cosmetic Bag

Fun way to use your scraps to make a colorful cosmetic bag

Making A Triangle for The Snappy Sack

Video Tutorial to make the triangle for the Snappy Sack with Carol Grape

So Sew Easy Cosmetic Bag

This fast and easy zippered cosmetic bag is roomy and fun to make! Check out this video tutorial!

Fancy Zipper Bag

A easy to sew cosmetic bag using a lacy zipper that doesn't require a zipper foot!

Snappy Sack

This fun and easy cosmetic style bag closes with a snap bracelet instead of a zipper!

Crafting Change Zippered Cosmetic Bag

Drawn pattern for easy cosmetic bag by Kathy Lawrence

Easy Zipper Pouch by Missouri Star Quilt

A cute zipper pouch when you use custom design zippers that show on the outside of the bag!

15 Minute Zipper Pouch

Fast & Easy cosmetic bag



 shipping guidelines 

Whenever you have items ready to ship, they are ready to accept them: 


Butterfly Haven Inc

8505 Mid County Industrial Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63114

If your box will cost you more than $20 to ship, Butterfly Haven is partnered with Give Back Box to get you a $20 UPS label from Give Back Box and ship up to 50 pounds and 108" in girth to Butterfly Haven here.

Due to a computer glitch, they send out the same label with the same tracking number to every person and you can't use it. After you receive your label, please immediately email Monika at and ask for a "fresh" label with an unused tracking number. You will get a new label in 1-2 days. This is the label you should use. 

10 FREE Crochet Patterns for Face Scrubbies

An assortment of free patterns to make 100% cotton, reusable face scrubbies

Free Knitting Dish & Wash Cloths

A page full of fun wash and dish cloths for the knitter!

47 Crochet Washcloths

47 fun crochet patterns for cotton washcloths

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