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We are proud to support Every Day Action in North Hollywood, CA. Every Day Action was created and founded by Hillary Cohen and Samantha Luu, two Directors Guild of America Assistant Directors hoping to change the way Hollywood sees food waste. Both women, having worked over 10 years on sets, have continually asked why the leftover gourmet food from catering is thrown out and not donated. Now, this 501(c)3 organization takes perceived waste and redistributes it to the homeless throughout the Los Angeles area. Working closely with Film & Television sets, they take food that would have been thrown away and redistribute it directly to those in need in homeless camps and community fridges throughout the region.

Hillary Cohen challenges everyone to ask yourself, "What did you do today to help your community or someone in need?" 

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 project must-knows 

We are partnered with Every Day Action to provide them bags for the Personal Care Kits they put together to distribute to the homeless encampments in the LA area they serve.  These kits contain essential personal care items like toothpaste, socks, toothbrushes, combs, feminine hygiene products, soap sacks, masks and other essentials.


We have 3 bag options:

1) Up-cycled Feed bags - Using the model of Every Day Action and taking perceived waste and redistributing it: Our bag patterns is an up-cycled bag that reclaims dog food or feed bags and transforms them in to reusable grocery style bags! These can be made from any feed bag that is made from the fabric (tarp) type of plastic material. When determining if your feed bag will work, you should see a weave pattern to the material. Generally these bags have string ties on the top and bottom of the bag as well. 

Cleaning the bags prior to sewing is extremely important. These bags can be washed in your washing machine and most hold up well. 

  1. Cut the top and the bottom of the bag off and completely open

  2. Wipe out all extra crumbs off feed left in bag so it doesn't clump up your machine

  3. Fill your washer tub as full as you can and ensure you override your tubs setting so the the tank will fill all the way to the top, you need lots of water to get these clean. 

  4. Use Tide w/oxyclean, Oxyclean supplement with your regular detergent or add some baking soda to your detergent. Do not add Borax, bleach or other harsh chemicals, this will deteriorate the integrity of the bag

  5. Hang bags to dry

  6. Smell (the bags should now be free of odors and oil, if not, rewash. 

  7.  Sometimes you lose a bag in the wash. The bags are often stored in harsh climates or for long periods of time or for some reason don't survive washing. It is rare, but happens. However, if it doesn't survive the wash, it wouldn't have survived the sewing process and the harsh elements of becoming a bag. The fabric was inferior and weak and you've saved yourself from sewing up something that wouldn't last. Toss it and be glad. 

For this project using a good strong thread is important, and we recommend using a Bonded UV thread as it will stand up to the harsh outdoor elements these bags will be in. However, if you do not have that, a good strong heavy duty thread will be fine. You can do two rows of stitching to secure your seams in areas of high stress. 

2) Adult sized drawstring backpacks - Sewn drawstring backpacks are a great option and can be made in a variety of fabrics including your heavier cottons, canvas, denim, upholstery, duck, etc. Please watch our video tutorials for choosing fabric and cording along with our video for sewing it put together by sewing advisor Kathy Lawrence. 

3) Tote Bag from a Large Tarp - This fun new way to create a tote bag created by Sewing Advisor Kathy Lawrence creates functional, reusable tote bags that are strong and weather resistant! 

We have a special Wish List set up to help us fill up the bags and backpacks we are making. We will be distributing our bags on Skid Row, Veterans Row and other locations throughout LA in collaboration with Every Day Action this winter. If you'd like to help us fill up our bags with much needed hygiene items please find needed items here: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/81P345L8LJOW?ref_=wl_share


 up-cycled feed bag totes 



Feed Bag Tutorial

The best video on how to make a feed bag into a tote!


Tote from a Camo Tarp

A fun new way to make a tote bag from a large tarp from a hardware store!


Feed Bag Tutorial (Assembly Line)

This video shows how to make the totes in an assembly line fashion.

 adult drawstring backpack 


Adult Drawstring Backpack Sewing Instructions

Project overview and sewing instructions for new ADULT size drawstring backpack


Adult Drawstring Backpack Quick Class

Adult Drawstring Backpack Quick Video with Kathy Lawrence


Adult Backpack Fabric & Cord Selection

Short video on how to choose fabric and cording for the adult drawstring backpack


 shipping guidelines 

Every Day Action accepts shipping whenever you complete your donations. Please include a care slip and ship to:

Every Day Action
PO Box 5591
North Hollywood, CA 91616