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 Bags Into Beds 

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Michael Montondon, Founder of Bags Into Beds, is on a mission to get single use plastic out of the landfills and natural areas as well as provide comfort for those experiencing homelessness. He's found a way to do both. He makes pillows and beds out of these plastics. Crafting Change has agreed to partner with Bags Into Beds by helping to sew the pillow shells that they will stuff! The plastic becomes downy soft and makes a great pillow.

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Pillow Covers

 project must-knows 

  • Project Overview:

    • Participants sew pillow covers and ship them empty with a hole along one end for stuffing.

    • Upon arrival in Los Angeles, Michael will stuff and sew the covers closed, distributing them to shelters and tiny home villages across the area.

  • Why Participate?

    • By joining this project, you contribute to both environmental sustainability and aiding unsheltered individuals in Los Angeles.

  • Pattern Instructions:

    • Please use the provided pattern for the pillow covers, as it has been personally vetted by Michael for effectiveness.

    • Detailed instructions, including pictures, are available to ensure ease of use.

    • Michael conducted a special Zoom Room session to discuss the project and demonstrate the process; the recording is available for those interested in learning more.

  • Guidelines:

    • It's crucial to follow the provided instructions precisely to ensure the pillows fit into pillowcases upon completion. No deviations from the specified size are permitted.

    • Avoid deviating or improvising from the instructions to maintain consistency and effectiveness. The pillow cover must be made from either one cut or two cuts of fabric only.

    • Please use only the types of 100% heavyweight cotton listed on the pattern.

  • Questions or Concerns:

  • Who Can Participate:

    • This project is suitable for beginners and families, offering an excellent opportunity to make a tangible impact from the comfort of home.

  • Connect with Bags Into Beds:

    • Follow Bags Into Beds on Instagram for additional insights into their work and the possibility of seeing your pillows in action.

Must Knows

 approved patterns 


 pillow cover 


Pillow Cover Pattern

Easy to sew pillow covers, leave a small opening for Bags Into Beds to stuff!


Bags Into Bed Zoom Room

Zoom Room with Bags Into Beds Founder Michael Montondon

 shipping guidelines 

Bags Into Beds accepts shipping whenever you are ready to ship.  Please tally and include a care slip and ship to:

Attn: Bags Into Beds
3019 Andrita St.
Los Angeles, CA 90065

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